Salesforce World Tour Recap: Revolution in Progress

Salesforce wrapped up another successful World Tour New York last week, as more than 12,000 attendees came together for a day of education and inspiration designed to empower them to connect to their customers in new ways.

Echoing Salesforce’s focus on workplace diversity and equality, the opening keynote, “We are all Trailblazers,” was led by two of the company’s female executives, Elizabeth Pinkham, executive vice president of global real estate, and Suzanne DiBianca, executive vice president of corporate relations. They discussed what it means to be competing on customer experience in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where unprecedented access to data and innovations such as AI, robotics and IoT have dramatically changed how we all connect – and our expectations of what is possible.

This new age has also created a “customer crisis” – as 59 percent of companies feel they lack Fourth Industrial Revolution capabilities. As Pinkham pointed out, many businesses are struggling to harness the knowledge and/or resources to capitalize on this new wave of innovation and data, and they are failing to break through to deliver the connected experiences that customers have come to expect. But she and DiBianca also noted there are also plenty of success stories to celebrate, thanks to Salesforce’s “complete, empowered and intelligent customer success platform.” And with Salesforce’s recent acquisition of MuleSoft, it has now become the most integrated platform. The Salesforce Integration Cloud is making it possible for businesses to connect all systems, customers and devices to all their applications, so they can surface the necessary data to create more connected customer experiences.

Pinkham and DiBianca also highlighted two Salesforce customers who are blazing trails in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: WeWork and US Bank.

WeWork provides shared workspaces, technology startup subculture communities and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small businesses and large enterprises. It has 341 locations in 21 countries, and Salesforce is helping the business create meaningful relationships with its 210,000 members. Sales Cloud and Einstein Insights are allowing WeWork to sell faster and smarter, and Einstein bot builder enables them to be responsive to what their customers want.

Salesforce is empowering US Bank to address the new challenges created by the complexity of managing data in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Einstein’s AI capabilities enable the business to better understand the relationships between all that data, so they can be proactive and help customers make better financial decisions. Through Service Cloud, US Bank can drive more personalized relationships and engage with their customers across their preferred channels, and Einstein bot helps agents in the contact center focus on customers by making interactions smarter.

 “We’re not just competing against other banks,” said Bill Hoffman, chief analytics officer and head of customer relationship management for US Bank, during the World Tour keynote. “We’re competing against best customer experience [our customers] have ever had.”

The same is true for every business competing in today’s Age of the Customer, and at NewVoiceMedia, we are excited to be providing sales and service solutions that harness the power of Salesforce to help them win.

To watch the Salesforce World Tour keynote, click here

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