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SKYPlay and Vonage: Gaming and NFTs Are Fun, Until …

This article was published on March 13, 2023

SKYPlay likes to champion the player, by the player, for the player. At its core, this means focusing on the gaming experience and community — minus the hacking and security issues that plague many industries. That’s why SKYPlay uses the Vonage Verify API, so their players can focus on what they love best: play.

Image of person, wearing a headset, in front of a computer monitor. This depicts the SKYPlay and Vonage partnership.

SKYPlay is a cryptocurrency and NFT business platform company. Its portfolio includes play to earn gaming (P2E), with expansion across movies, music, arts, education, and other digital content. This SKYPlay ecosystem also includes its own cryptocurrency.

Community-Wide Security

SKYPlay manages a player community of a half-million users across 160+ countries … not to mention over 50,000 crypto transactions a week. With security top of mind, SKYPlay integrates the Vonage Verify API throughout the gaming experience, including security and authentication protocols that flag potential attacks or at-risk users.

Global Users and Coverage

SKYPlay players want to be in the flow — so any clunky step is never welcomed. Thankfully, authentication is simple through a one-time password provided by SKYPlay. Players can then easily start their gaming experience and step into the SKYPlay community. And if they happen to return on a device that was not previously authenticated, they can quickly confirm their identity through two-factor authentication (2FA).

“Vonage offers an excellent solution with Verify. We have a global player base, so it was important that we could get global 2FA coverage to support our worldwide user experience and business growth,” says Sang-Ok Chang, CEO of SKYPlay.

Cryptocurrency is also money, which opens SKYPlay to hacking concerns. But SKYPlay wants to provide a safe community where players can just focus on playing. “That’s why it was important that we add a seamless, easy 2FA solution. We don’t want to make it difficult for our players to start playing,” says Chang.

Just the Beginning

As the cryptocurrency and gaming markets continue to expand, so will the demand for identity authentication. SKYPlay is taking the preemptive lead with its Vonage partnership.


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