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4 Use Cases for Unified Communications Analytics and Reporting

This article was published on April 1, 2024

In a world where technology is changing the way people communicate and the speed at which they expect responses, businesses are adopting cloud-based unified communications software to ensure their employees’ interactions with colleagues and customers are meaningful and efficient. A benefit to having this type of software is the ability to capture and store communications data across channels, at any size company, global or local, with any combination of remote, hybrid and on-premises worker. Read on to see how this data provides powerful analytics and insights that are advantageous to your business.

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What Is Unified Communications?

In short, unified communications (UC) software combines multiple real-time communications channels — including calling, personal or group messaging, and audio or video conferencing — into a single platform. Cloud-based UC solutions can be accessed from virtually anywhere, using any internet-connected device.

Data from interactions across these channels is collected and synthesized to provide valuable and actionable analytics and reporting. Now, let’s dive into four unified communications analytics and reporting use cases.

4 UC Analytics and Reporting Use Cases

  • Employee performance: Analytics capabilities in UC systems help you view employee communications by individual, team, or location to gain insights about productivity. You can monitor call volume, call outcomes (e.g., if the call was answered or sent to voicemail), and whether a call was inbound or outbound. Call reports can generally be viewed or delivered daily, weekly, monthly, or for any specified period of time, enabling businesses to reward high performers or provide extra training to those who need it.

  • Business operations: You can unlock critical insights about your business by identifying trends in communications metrics, such as the time of day that call volume is the highest, when the most calls are missed, which communication channels receive the most activity, and more. This data informs decisions about resource allocation, ensuring there’s coverage during the busiest times of day and consideration for the communication channels that customers prefer.

  • Threat detection: Watch for suspicious activity through audit reports that show changes to communication systems and channels, such as extension additions, user removals, call queue edits, and updates to passwords and other login settings. This information allows businesses to improve security by spotting unusual activity early and making updates to prevent fraud or threats.

  • System quality: Monitoring call quality metrics allows you to check communications connectivity and anticipate system issues. This enables businesses to ensure employees and customers are able to communicate seamlessly without network interruptions, increasing productivity and satisfaction.

Analytics and reporting are often displayed through a control center or portal within the UC platform that is viewable to designated administrators. They are able to monitor the business, share insights with stakeholders, and make optimizations. A good admin portal should have dynamic views of in-depth communications data, the ability to filter data in various ways, and report-sharing capabilities.

Recapping the Benefits

Some of the advantages to the UC analytics and reporting use cases listed above are:

  • Ensure seamless communications with colleagues and customers

  • Improve productivity and customer satisfaction by eliminating bottlenecks  and reallocating resources to where they’re needed most

  • Increase revenue by maximizing employee performance

  • Secure communications systems through audit logs and threat detection

Getting Started

Want to learn more about data and analytics in unified communications? Vonage can help. Visit us online to explore our solutions or schedule a call with a Vonage expert.

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