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Vonage Messaging API Suite Updates: Sneak Peek at 2023

This article was published on February 21, 2023

It’s always an exciting time to be a Vonage Messages API customer. And we’re equally excited to reflect on 2022 developments and provide a sneak peek of 2023 releases.

image of hand holding a mobile phone, with icons depicting phone, social media, and chat — this represents updates to the Vonage Messaging Suite

Coming Soon

Please reach out to your Vonage Account Manager to learn more on the following:

  • Campaign orchestration solution: Enable one-to-one, personalized multi-channel conversations at scale
  • Opt-Out Assist (with 10DLC SMS early access): Elect to have Vonage manage the mandatory compliance keywords, replies (such as “STOP”), and opt-outs for various countries
  • SMS Fraud Defender: Protect your business from fraudulent traffic with proactive and automated alerts at no extra cost
  • Global Sender ID (for managed Vonage customers): Access self-service registration form from the Customer Dashboard (available for countries that support pre-registration)
  • Instagram integration: Convert conversations into opportunities directly from Instagram through the Messages API platform

Messages API

  • Secure inbound media: Protect media files — such as images, videos, PDFs — sent by end users
  • MMS 10DLC and TFN now available: Maximize customer engagement with messages that go directly to a customer’s messaging inbox

WhatsApp via Messages API

As a reminder, we announced the following enhancements in 2022:

WhatsApp and AI Studio: Design, Create, and Deploy Intelligent Conversations and Workflows

Vonage AI Studio helps you respond intelligently to customers’ messages in WhatsApp and SMS and enable self-service workflows:

  • Use virtual agents to connect with customers at any time, even when support personnel are offline
  • Get started quickly with pre-built templates to create virtual agents or self-service workflows
  • Personalize and add context to customer responses by connecting to CRMs, including Salesforce


  • 10DLC platform upgrade – SMS queuing: Messages sent from a 10DLC number to +1 U.S. destinations that exceed 10DLC throughput rates are no longer rejected as part of the API request. Messages are now queued in our system and sent to the supplier at the provisioned mobile network rate associated with your brand and campaign.
  • SMS security: SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant: These compliant measures are especially noteworthy for our healthcare and financial services customers. Contact your Account Manager to be HIPAA compliant for 10DLC campaigns.

Verify API

  • 2FA vs. MFA vs. AMFA: Which one is right for you? There’s certainly a lot to consider — and we can help. Read more about the differences between 2FA vs. MFA, and adaptive multi-factor authentication (AMFA).
  • iGaming gets a boost: See how Vonage enables iGaming to transform the customer experience with SMS, voice, interactive video, and 2FA.
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