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Axio Financial Taps Vonage to Make Sales Teams More Efficient

Since 2010, Axio Financial has been leading the way in using SaaS and cloud-based services, working with best-of-breed technology partners such as Vonage to help scale and innovate business workflows and operations throughout their entire structured products lifecycle.

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Axio’s substantial growth required them to build a next generation platform, including a full featured contact center, that would integrate key strategic, application, and communication solutions to enhance user functionality and support their expanded business demands.


A combination of the Vonage Business Communications unified communications service and the Vonage Contact Center’s cloud-based call center software for business communications needs serves as a core part of the Axio Acceleration Platform.


Axio Financial integrated voice interactions into key Salesforce workflows, enabled mobile access to advanced calling features, and improved salesperson efficiency. Axio saw a 500% year-over-year talk time uplift for 2018. Outbound dialing attempts increased by 30% in the same period.
Rick Baff Axio Financial Video Screenshot

Rick Baff Axio Financial Video Screenshot

Axio Financial Leading the Way With Vonage Innovation

According to a recent survey by Finextra Research, 83% of respondents claim their financial institution’s existing core technology can no longer support the company’s needs. In an increasingly competitive market, the savviest financial companies are turning to SaaS and cloud-based services as part of their infrastructure.  Since 2010, Axio Financial, a U.S. broker-dealer that specializes in selling structured financial products, has been leading the way in making this transition, teaming with best-of-breed technology partners to help scale and innovate its business workflows and operations throughout their entire structured products lifecycle.

Axio’s mission is to use data, technology and people to add value throughout the entire structured products lifecycle, which means from idea generation through maturity.  This creates a challenge for Axio’s sales team to manage such a vast amount of information in a fast and dynamic financial market environment. 

Supporting Aggressive Growth and Ground-Breaking Innovation at Axio Financial

By 2015, Axio had grown so substantially that it needed to build a next generation platform to address the increased volume and diversity of its business. To accomplish these goals, Axio Financial needed to integrate its enterprise database and data infrastructure with strategic application and communication solutions partners to create a full-featured contact center solution to:

● Integrate natively with Salesforce

● Leverage Axio's advanced data analytics

● Empower the organization’s in-office, hybrid, and remote staff

● Support broker dealer, bank, and RIA financial advisors

● Allow efficient, fast, and flexible functionality modifications and enhancements


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“The Vonage Business Communications and Vonage Contact Center solutions have integrated advanced CRM related functionality into the Axio Acceleration Platform in a way that empowers our salespeople to work smartly and efficiently. Vonage has enhanced our flexibility in outbound dialing, provided reliable, high-quality voice functionality and has enabled data integration in our CRM.”
Rick Baff, Chief Information Officer | Axio Financial

Vonage was the one company that could meet all of the communications platform related criteria. Its Vonage Business Communications (VBC) unified communications service and Vonage Contact Center omnichannel contact center product enabled Axio Financial to integrate voice interactions into their key Salesforce workflows, offer mobile access to the advanced calling features needed by the organization’s salespeople and improve salesperson efficiency.

The Combined Vonage and Axio Financial Acceleration Platforms

Axio operates using its Axio Acceleration Platform, a custom integration of its enterprise database with customized versions of the Microsoft, Salesforce, and Vonage platforms. The combined solution leverages Vonage in-office VoIP telephony, advanced analytics empowering flexible real time dial list creation and seamless remote office communications.

The Vonage Contact Center dialer integration with Salesforce allows Axio’s salespeople to be far more efficient. Vonage and the advanced data that Axio Financial Acceleration Platform populates and updates each night in Salesforce, allows each individual Axio salesperson to create his or her own or shared complex filters and analyses to populate dial lists in an online, real-time manner while in Salesforce. This includes making sure that customized business rules relating to how often people are called for different circumstances are followed.

In the Vonage Contact Center, a dialer is natively embedded within Salesforce and eliminates the manual dialing process by giving the Axio Financial salesperson the ability to create, filter, and automatically load their own dial lists. The lists are based on both the statistics calculated daily in the Axio Financial data infrastructure and on the preferred criteria of the salespeople. Additional customized functionality prevents two different people from calling the same contact and provides the ability to quickly restrict any area codes based upon natural disasters or otherwise.

Since Axio salespeople will frequently reach a prospect’s voicemail, the Vonage intelligent voicemail click-to-drop and then dial-the-next-number feature maximizes the efficiency of a salesperson’s time, as well as ensures that the first delivered voicemail sounds as good as the last at the end of the day. With all of these integrated features, Axio, for the past several years, has seen a significant improvement in both total and average talk times with its clients, including a 500 percent year over year talk time uplift for 2018, while outbound dialing attempts increased just 30 percent in the same period!

Improving Productivity With Mobility Features

With the Vonage Business Communications mobile app, an Axio salesperson is able to work from anywhere with integrated communications functionality, including answering their desk phone on their mobile device and mobile dialing from their desk phone.  A single number is all that is needed, whether in the office or out in the field. A salesperson is able to send and respond to customer SMS messages directly, call, answer and transfer calls, and chat with colleagues, all from the one app that resides on their mobile device.


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