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Goosehead Insurance Enhances Engagement with Vonage Contact Center and AI

Founded in 2003, Goosehead Insurance, Inc. (NASDAQ: GSHD) understands the power of choice for their clients and through everything they do, client education is of the utmost importance. Goosehead Insurance is committed to providing a best-in-class way for clients to shop for and buy insurance while providing them expert and region-specific advice throughout their journey to ensure they have the right coverage at the best price.

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Agents would often need to reschedule calls with clients multiple times due to client time conflicts, decreasing agent efficiency and client engagement


Vonage Contact Center, AI Virtual Assistant


A solution that allowed for flexible and immediate rescheduling based on client preferences; agent flexibility to focus on live calls with clients, and providing Goosehead Insurance with the data to get in touch with clients and other stakeholders on a more convenient, regular basis.

A crucial component of the insurance shopping experience is connecting with an agent, yet, scheduling a call to speak with  clients based on their availability was a challenge. Clients would schedule calls,  and often need to reschedule  without any notice. In fact, Goosehead found  less than 50 percent of pre-scheduled calls were answered by clients. This proved to be an inconvenience to clients, while decreasing agent productivity and engagement. 

Building the Right Tools to Enhance Engagement

“At Goosehead, we understand the importance of engaging with clients based on their individual preferences,” said Jackie May, Service Managing Director, Goosehead Insurance. “We also want to ensure that our clients and prospective clients know and, more importantly, understand all relevant information pertaining to their insurance. As we looked to improve agent engagement and overall call rates with clients, we saw that something as simple as a  scheduled call to help educate clients and prospective clients about these important details, wasn’t happening almost half the time. We worked with Vonage to add AI to our call center solution. Now, if the caller cancels, they are given the opportunity to confirm a more convenient time to talk. When they are ready, the call immediately connects with an agent. One simple, split-second addition through AI helps us increase our client engagement and our agent productivity.”

Vonage Contact Center not only offers the capabilities and tools that Goosehead Insurance needs to meet client needs more quickly and efficiently, but Vonage’s AI Virtual Assistant allows clients the flexibility to choose when and where they want to speak with an agent, even if they have to reschedule at a moment’s notice.

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“As we looked to improve agent engagement and overall call rates with clients, we saw that something as simple as a scheduled call, wasn’t happening almost half the time. We worked with Vonage to add AI to our call center solution. Now, once the caller confirms they are ready to talk, the call connects. One simple, split-second addition through AI helped us increase our client engagement and our agent productivity.”
- Jackie May, Service Managing Director, Goosehead Insurance

Understanding Clients is our Business

“Part of our mission is to provide clients with as much information as possible that is helpful and easy to understand,” continued May. “So we needed a solution that enabled our agents to use their time strategically with clients, not just making multiple attempts to make contact. We always want to add value with our clients, helping them make sure they have the best information, and the best coverage.”

“We are always evaluating client education and technology is a big part of that. With Vonage, we can easily see client interactions and responses, along with our agent responses, to determine how we can better our processes and improve service. Because of the insights gained by using  the Vonage solution, we saw a need for additional touchpoints, so we launched a text feature and an online chat feature to improve client engagement.”

Connecting through Technology

“By and large, since launching this technology update with Vonage, our contact rate has increased. Using the Vonage virtual assistant to pre-qualify customers has increased. Appointment booking rates went from around 60 percent to a consistent 80+ percent. And sentiment from agents in the field is very positive,” continued May, “as it allows agents to focus on increased efficiency and engagement with their clients.” 

“Ultimately, what stood out with Vonage compared to other systems was their vast knowledge and quick suggestions on how to build the system,” said May. “Since launching last year, we’ve assisted over 600,000 new clients over the phone, and around 200,000 did not answer initially,” But with Vonage and the addition of AI, we were able to reach those customers and reschedule with relative ease, saving hundreds of hours of our agents’ time.”

“With these additional touchpoints, we have developed a stream of conversation that provides a touchpoint along the way for better engagement,” said May. “If we aren’t able to help our clients along that stream, that connection both literally and figuratively is lost. Because we have the automated process through Vonage AI, we can keep that connection going. Whether it’s through just sending the client a link to reschedule, or connecting them immediately to a live agent, the system is automatically triggered to keep that stream alive.”

Learn how Vonage Contact Center and AI Virtual Assistant can enable you to build more flexible, intelligent and personal customer experience, tailored to your business needs.

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