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Kredivo boosts customer satisfaction, increases account activations with Vonage and WhatsApp

Kredivo is a leading digital credit platform in Indonesia and Vietnam, providing users with convenient instant credit financing for purchases and personal loans based on real-time decisioning.

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Vonage Solutions and Features

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Kredivo had been using voice calls for customer communications but wanted a way to provide more timely and actionable updates about things like pending transactions


Vonage Messages API


The platform's interactive features allow for personalized communication, fostering deeper connections with our audience and driving higher conversion rates; more than 10% account activation rate vs. voice calls alone; more than 5% repayment rate vs. voice calls alone

Kredivo’s business model depends on maintaining customer engagement throughout the customer journey to prompt activations and on-time payments. Solely relying on voice calls to contact their customers was not providing the engagement Kredivo needed in order to increase overall ROI. As a result, Kredivo started looking for a new way to send timely updates to customers about their account activities, pending payments and other relevant information to help increase overall customer experience, increase account activation rates and improve customer repayment rates.

Leverage a real-time communications channel for better customer engagement

Working with Vonage, Kredivo implemented the Vonage Messages API as a way to boost the ROI of its notifications programs versus using voice calling alone while also enhancing the customer experience. For financial services companies like Kredivo, Messages API is an efficient and scalable way to send important account updates, including time-sensitive alerts, account safety information, payment reminders, and other information relevant to their services. 

With this solution, Kredivo is now able to prompt newly-registered and approved users to activate their accounts and remind customers about  loan due dates, keeping them engaged to prevent missed payments.

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“We needed a channel that provided higher delivery rates to our users. With Vonage, we can be confident our users will consistently receive critical updates and the latest information, which enhances their comfort and satisfaction with our service.”
Wirendy, Product Manager, Kredivo

Vonage Continued Support for Customer Success

Vonage provided support throughout the implementation process to help Kredivo define use cases, target customers and implement A/B testing strategies to optimize conversions. Vonage also provided training for the Kredivo’s product team on WhatsApp authentication and utility features. Kredivo relied on Vonage for intensive support during the integration, including user testing and quality assurance, monitoring during the go-live process and post-deployment support in order to support Kredivo’s continued customer support. Additionally, as Vonage helped implement periodic reviews, Kredivo was able to optimize performance, scalability, and effectiveness to meet evolving business requirements. 

With Vonage, Kredivo was able to reduce late payments and grow topline revenue by increasing response rates, increase conversion rates on payments with customer-confidence boosting features like business verification, and reduce cost of care and customer friction by enabling responses that route to automations. Additionally, Kredivo was also able to lower costs by reducing inbound inquiries and account queries, while also creating a simpler payment experience to increase customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how Vonage can help you build better connections, communications and engagements with employees and customers around the world.

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