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To Strengthen Platform Security, PUBG Implements Two-Factor Authentication Using the Vonage Verify API

Korea-based online game developer PUBG Corporation leverages the Vonage Verify API to improve the security of its platform, implement two-factor authentication and safeguard its worldwide gamers

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Needed a partner who could improve the security of its gaming platform by implementing two-factor authentication


Vonage Verify API, Vonage SMS API, Two-factor Authentication


Gained the ability to validate users, build trust and loyalty, and increase conversions across SMS and voice channels

With multiple operational offices globally across North America, Europe, Japan and China, PUBG Corporation is the publisher and developer of the 2017 blockbuster battle royale video game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Since its release, PUBG Corp. has received worldwide acclaim, achieving seven Guinness World Records, winning multiple game awards worldwide, and providing game services to more than 150 countries. 

In order to provide a simple, secure experience for players around the world, the company needed a partner that could safeguard the site against fraud and illegal activity. The Vonage Verify API allowed PUBG Corp. to easily add a layer of protection at scale and within budget. 

“Given the increased threat of fraud in the gaming community, we needed a quick, simple way to identify and validate genuine customer transactions,” said a PUBG Corporation spokesperson. “With two-factor authentication (2FA) capabilities from Vonage, we are protecting our customers against theft, building trust and increasing customer loyalty.”

With Vonage’s patented 2FA technology, PUBG Corp. continues to improve the company’s brand image and increase the number of legitimate users by preventing the re-registration of banned hack users and reducing the number of fraudulent users.

Enhancing Customer Platform Stability

2FA strengthens platform security by protecting websites from fraudulent and fake users and authenticating new users. In addition, it enables a legal game item exchange system for players to prevent any illegal transfers or sales of items.

Within the PUBG gaming platform, users must be authenticated via a valid mobile phone number to participate in competitive play, any land-lines and virtual numbers are fundamentally blocked from authentication. Customer authentication rates are successfully increased simply by sending a one time authentication number via an SMS text message and then verifying via a text-to-speech (TTS) voice call when authentication is not completed.

Vonage only uses phone numbers to generate and localize codes, and if necessary, applies the fastest channel to authenticate new and existing customers by switching from SMS texts to voice calls. It works with the Vonage SMS API, which allows customers to send SMS-based authentication codes to users who have signed up for their services.

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“Due to the increased threat of fraud within gaming communities, it has become necessary to quickly and simply authenticate true customers for selective, legitimate participation in games. Vonage’s two-factor authentication protects customers from fraud, builds trust, and increases customer loyalty.”
- PUBG Corp.

Superior Customer Service

Because PUBG Corp. uses the Verify API to link accounts with verified SMS numbers, it was possible to create a stable long-term environment by being able to block fraudulent players when upgrading to newer versions, making authentication with the same number impossible from a previously banned account. Using Vonage’s fraud detection capabilities, the company is able to quickly and easily detect possible fraud and trigger step-up authentication when needed: keeping fraud at bay while delivering a better player experience.

And, with its enhanced Customer Relationship Management, Vonage provides PUBG Corp. with a superior customer experience, offering 24x7 support via telephone, chat, email, and web, as well as direct consultation with a dedicated support engineer and allows feedback regarding authentication success rates across different countries.

Outstanding User Experience

“There is a growing concern for fraud in many online industries, and user authentication is critical to protect a company’s reputation and its customers,” added Sunny Rao, SVP, API Global Sales, Vonage. “By helping customers authenticate end-users in their preferred channels and customize the failover workflow process without the need for coding or development work, Vonage Verify gives customers complete control in reaching end-users and easily improving customer acquisition.”

Learn more about how the Vonage Verify API can help your business protect against fraud, build trust, and increase conversion across multiple channels—no telecom or security experience required. 

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