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Siemens Uses Vonage Contact Center to Drive Customer Service Excellence and Enable Growth

In recent years, Siemens, global leader in the manufacturing, installation, commissioning and service of wind turbines, has been experiencing a 30% growth in business. To help support this increase in business, Vonage Contact Center was chosen to become the backbone of the company's new Customer Support Center.

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How to support a rapidly growing business with a new call center solution. Siemens already was servicing 1,000+ offshore turbines, and expected greatly increased operations in the coming years


Vonage Contact Center with Salesforce Integration


The deployment of Vonage Contact Center has helped Siemens with Increased productivity, enhanced reputation, reduced costs, achieving optimum results and safety to Siemens clients

The New Vonage-Driven Siemens Customer Support Center: Powerful, Scalable, and Flexible

With ample coastlines, the UK and Ireland are the leading regions in the offshore wind market, positioned at the forefront of global developments. Siemens already services over a thousand offshore turbines with 3.7GW of capacity, and are expecting there to be 8GW of capacity of Siemens turbines in operation at the end of 2020.

To keep pace with servicing this growth, Siemens chose Vonage Contact Center for its dedicated 24/7 call-handling needs.  According to Martin Hansford, Operational Strategy Manager at Siemens, “The calls we receive are absolutely critical – whoever it is for. It could be an offshore Siemens technician, a customer, one of the UK big six energy companies, or a hill farmer in Wales."

Siemens was very pleased with how smoothly and rapidly the initial Vonage Contact Center implementation was deployed, and has been reaping the rewards ever since.

The early stages: providing a 24/7 call-handling service

Early on, Vonage Contact Center (VCC) delivered calls from customers and internal colleagues to three primary teams: Monitoring, Technical Support, and SCADA support. Siemens noted that the Vonage system was able to handle these calls effortlessly, regardless of where the over 30 Siemens contact center agents were sitting, across the UK. They might be positioned at different offices, at a wind farm, or working from home on their company mobile. Using Vonage Contact Center has enabled Siemens to create ‘virtual’ teams, giving the company ultimate flexibility.

“The Vonage solution allows us to deliver and tailor this call-handling service to better meet the customer’s needs, while improving first contact resolution," said Hansford. In particular, he believes that the VCC call recording system is extremely valuable. “It takes away any ambiguity in what was said by customers and how our Monitoring Team performed in response," noted Hansford.



“It is clear that Vonage Contact Center is enabling Siemens to reach our potential as a global leader in customer service. Scalability, meeting SLAs, reducing call length and improving customer satisfaction are all major pluses for us.”
Martin Hansford, Operational Strategy Manager, Siemens

Extended service – Integration with Salesforce

It was always Siemens’ strategic intent to make use of the combined call-handling and case-management capability of Vonage Contact Center and Salesforce’s service cloud-working together as an integrated end-to-end solution. 

“The visibility of customer calls going directly into cases in Salesforce is brilliant," said Hansford.  "And the tailoring of the customer experience based on data held within Salesforce is proving invaluable.”

Vonage Call-Handling: The backbone of the new Siemens Customer Support Center

The flexibility of the VCC system means that Siemens can consolidate behind its service offering in one dedicated building. The aim is to bring all of the company’s wind power employees together to deliver coordinated planning and execution of all UK wind farm activities, on and offshore, at their new Customer Support Centre. This will enable Siemens to increase productivity, enhance their reputation, drive down costs, and achieve optimum results and safety for its clients. It will bring many other benefits too:

  • More coordinated planning and execution of customers’ requirements
  • Scalability to expand in line with the demands of the market n Increased customer satisfaction 
  • Potential for operational synergies across business units
  • Opportunities to develop additional value added services for the UK market
  • An open culture that breaks down silos

According to Hansford, "Vonage gives us an added benefit of having accurate, real-time call statistics that enable us to properly understand is going on."

Seamless support for business expansion

Prior to the deployment of VCC, Siemen's Wind Service division employed over 1000 staff members. The new Customer Support Center provided them the needed room for expansion. Vonage Contact Center is the heart of this Customer Support Center and all calls are tailored to the customer, with scripted responses.

Users of VCC receive ‘whispers’ to let them know, not only the line and service that was called, but which variant. Screen pops are also used that save time, enabling advisors to quickly identify the client’s details.

Vonage Contact Center and Salesforce – The platform for the future of Siemens Wind Power Services

Hansford says Siemens is in the process of further developing their global service by taking advantage of the Vonage global network of node locations. There is potential for provision of Siemens’ 24/7 requirements across the Americas, UK and Ireland, EMEA and APAC regions.



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