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Strigo Provides Seamless, Engaging Virtual Training Software with Vonage Video API

Strigo is a global company that offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for training that seamlessly bridges the gap between theory and practice. They strive to revolutionize technical training by providing a comprehensive, collaborative, and hassle-free hands-on learning environment.

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Vonage Solutions and Features

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In providing training software for their clients, Strigo needed an audio and video option that allowed for the same engaging experience in a virtual setting as an in-person experience.


Vonage Video API


Solution allows Strigo to provide customers with seamless virtual audio and video experience; ability to help deliver more than 8 million training minutes; easy-to-navigate, secure solution

Strigo founders had a consulting company before they founded Strigo. And they were constantly flying to customer sites to train them on different solutions and technologies. They tried remote training but existing platforms didn’t provide the same quality. This is why they decided to found Strigo and build a solution for hands-on remote training.

Nevo Peretz, Chief Business Officer, recalls, “Our initial thinking was, ‘how do we duplicate this experience where everyone is in the same place and you can see and hear everything going on, and provide the personalized help and coaching that each individual might need?’ We knew that the audio and video were key capabilities that we needed in whatever service we implemented.”

Remote Training with In-Person Engagement

Most companies have the capability of using a conferencing platform with both audio and video, and screenshare. However, Strigo found the out-of-the-box video conferencing platforms to be unreliable, unstable, and simply not as dynamic as in-person interaction. With the Vonage Video API, Strigo has the ability to build seamless video experiences that meet all of their customers’ unique needs. 

“With a typical conferencing solution, we were able to set up remote training by sharing a screen, but that did not  provide customers with the  level of interaction needed for immersive training. Audio and video can lag with those platforms, so our customers were getting a broken experience that interrupts the flow of learning,” said Peretz. “Our goal was to create a high-quality learning experience, and we needed an audio and video provider that could create that enhanced level for our customers that would be as dynamic as if they were together in person. After doing thorough market search, we chose the Vonage Video API to integrate with our product and since then have  delivered an experience that meets and exceeds our customer expectations.”

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“Our customers come to us for a more efficient and transformative hands-on training software platform. Traveling for in-person training proved to be cost-prohibitive, so we were in need of a remote option that would deliver the same engaging experience as in-person training. With Vonage Video API, we can ensure our customers are able to implement their training software platform in an immersive learning environment.”
- Nevo Peretz, Chief Business Officer, Strigo

Adapting to Customer Needs

With each client seeking training software, training preferences and recommendations may change. One client might require a lecture-type interface, another will need training that is much more interactive. With Vonage, Strigo can seamlessly provide a customized approach for what their clients want to achieve. 

Peretz noted, “Working with Vonage, we had an easy time implementing the solution. We had a full support team and the documentation was very clear. Any time our engineers had a question, we received answers quickly. And as our solution evolved, we were able to add more capabilities throughout the development process. So we can provide that one-to-one training and easily scale up from one-to-many. Our clients can train on everything from cloud technologies to point- technologies, and the experience is the same for all of our clients.”

Effortless Transition 

Strigo provides one-to-one and one-to-many training interactions for their software platforms, as well as the opportunity for clients to go from one-to-many to one-on-one within a single training session - and Vonage powers it all. 

“We understand that everybody learns differently, so we needed a solution that would provide the capability for an instructor to teach a larger audience, but also switch to a one-on-one discussion if an individual needed to be coached independently. The Vonage Video API allows that quick and seamless transition to keep that level of engagement that our customers need in their training software solutions.”

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