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Five Ways Technology Can Improve Medical Staff Productivity at Your SMB Practice

The last few years have been hard on practices of all sizes. Time-intensive administrative tasks and pressures of delivering excellent patient care have piled on healthcare professionals at all levels. Download our new ebook and discover five key ways cloud communications technology can solve productivity woes and increase front-office efficiency, delivering both cost savings and better patient experiences.

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A must-read for small and mid-sized practices

If you work at a small medical practice, chances are your electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR) systems are already cloud-based, which makes unifying your communications a breeze.  In our ebook, we outline five ways a cloud communications solution can make your staff more productive, save your practice money, and improve your patient's experience:

  • Empower patients with self-service options. Most patients want the ability to virtually meet with doctors, make or cancel appointments and get SMS reminders, and contact their clinicians on their own time. It's all possible through a single platform in the cloud. 

  • Lighten the load on staff. Moving everyday administrative tasks to the cloud , like scheduling appointments, or automating follow-ups via SMS for prescription refills or appointment reminders, can save a ton of time.

  • Create a know-me experience. Integrate with your EHR and easily put relevant patient information right on the screen the moment a patient calls in, shortening call handling times and improving patient satisfaction.

  • Establish secure and effective telehealth. With cloud-based communications, video consultations, phone calls, patient data, messages,recordings, faxes, and more are fortified with HIPAA-compliant security best practices

  • Improve outdated workflows. Integrated systems put all functions in easy reach — so no time is wasted toggling between applications — and ensures that data moves with the patient, whether the interaction takes place by phone, video, or in person.

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Explore all the ways cloud communications can empower your small and medium sized healthcare practice to be more productive and save on costs, so you can focus on what matters most — the patient.

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