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Rethinking CX with Integrated UC and Contact Center Tools

Written by Blair Pleasant, President & Principal Analyst of COMMfusion LLC and a co-founder of, this whitepaper dives into why, and how, your company's unified communications platform and contact center should work together hand-in-hand.

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Having separate solutions for unified communications and contact center is as outdated as fax machines and cassette tapes.

In an era where companies are pulling out all the stops to provide exceptional customer service, we've witnessed the transformation of the contact center from a tried and true separate entity to an integral part of the organization.  With this whitepaper, you'll:

  • Dive into how the contact center can be powerfully integrated with other functional areas of a company

  • Explore numerous use cases that show how integrating your UCaaS and CCaaS can help your knowledge workers—and hybrid "front office/back office" employees—communicate and collaborate better

  • Learn the two recommended approaches for integrating your contact center and unified communications capabilities

  • Understand common challenges with integrations, and the numerous business benefits that integrated UCaaS and CCaas capabilities provide for the individual business user, the contact center, the organization, and most importantly—the customer

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If you're looking to improve your customers' experience and also enhance internal communication and collaboration for your employees, this whitepaper is a must read.   

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