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CX Insights for the U.S.

The Vonage Global Customer Engagement Report 2024 brought you vital trends and findings from 17 regions. Now discover the AI-enhanced channel preferences and other region-specific insights in this special edition. Then plan your go-to-market strategy to ultimately reach, engage, and nurture customers throughout the U.S.

This image shows a world map with dots in various shades of pink and purple with the North American region highlighted with a purple circle. At the center of the map, there is another circle with a cloud that says AI on it.
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The Undeniable AI Love

Though there may be regional preferences in how customers reach out to businesses — there’s no denying the growing interest in AI, particularly in the U.S.:

  • Strong focus on SMS text messages, mobile phone calls, and email.

  • Interest in moving toward more AI-enabled channels, such as Facebook Messenger for calling (20%) and messaging (28%) plus Zoom (28%) and FaceTime (25%) for video chats.

Ready for AI and Great CX?

Get the consumer insights for the U.S. Then build an engagement strategy focused on the communications tools and channels — with AI smarts — that customers love.

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