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Five Steps to the Contact Center of the Future

What is the “future state” of your contact center, and how do you get there? We’ll share results from our 2021 Global Customer Engagement Report so you can see what steps your peers are taking.

  • Digital choices: omnichannel, mobile app feeds, more customer choice.
  • Virtual contact centers: eliminate commute times, extend talent pools, and make agents happier.
  • Video calls and video chat are growing disproportionately, saving time and improving productivity.
  • AI helps reduce basic calls, routes other calls directly to the best available agent, extends operating hours to 24x7, and assists agents in the next best action.
  • Conversational Commerce

Join this session to learn steps you can take to get your contact center to its future state.

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Presented by:

Tim Kimber

Director, Product Marketing, Vonage

Tim came to Vonage's [NewVoiceMedia] Product Marketing organization in 2018, with a remit to disrupt the cloud communications and contact center industry with a more people-centric approach to technology. With over 20 years' industry experience, Tim joined from SiriusDecisions, where he created original research and provided advice to senior product marketers . Prior to that, he held product marketing roles at Mitel, SAS Analytics and Microsoft.

headshot photo of Kay Phelps, Contact Center Practice Leader at Vonage

Kay Phelps

Contact Center Practice Leader, Vonage

Kay Phelps is a Contact Center Practice Leader at Vonage. As a 20+ year veteran in contact centers, Kay’s experience spans product development, systems engineering, product management and product marketing. As a frequent blogger, author, and presenter, Kay uses her expertise in all facets of product development and marketing to help companies deliver excellence in customer experiences.