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Vonage CX Express and CX Elevate

Bring together the best of voice, video, chat, contact center, analytics, and APIs in a single cloud-based communications solution. Now your employees have the tools they need to be successful. And your contact center agents are supported by an intelligent contact center solution that gives them the ability to reach experts across the business. Now it’s easy to optimize customer service and improve agent satisfaction.

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Boost your unified communications

Working in conjunction with Vonage Business Communications (VBC), this contact center solution seamlessly integrates with your UCaaS platform to support communications across your business and with customers across the globe. Learn about VBC
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Unite customers and employees

Reduce IT complexity: with our Express and Elevate solutions, you can deploy advanced voice capabilities —such as IVR and skills-based routing—and empower your employees to quickly address customer needs.
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Track and report customer activity

Send post-call IVR surveys, measure abandonment rate, time to answer, wait time, call duration, and more—and sync this CX data into your reporting dashboards.
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Manage your CX from anywhere

Optimize skills management, build call flows graphically—even change permissions for agents, supervisors, groups, and more—all through your web browser.
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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Make personalized connections by routing callers to the most skilled agent, intelligently routing every customer throughout your cloud call center.

  • Intelligent skills-based routing

  • Maximized agent utilization

  • Shorter customer wait times

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Manage call flow by switching to self-service when call volumes are high, agents aren’t available, or the customer prefers to self-serve.

  • IVR scheduling auto-switches during weekends, holidays, and non-business hours
  • Use queued callback to keep customers from waiting on hold
  • Send IVR post-call surveys to collect customer feedback
  • Serve more customers without increasing headcount

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Reporting and analytics

Make better business decisions with real-time metrics and historical data.
  • Easily access advanced analytics
  • Create recurring custom reports
  • Gain omnichannel insights

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Call forwarding & recording

Extend your cloud call center hours and reach, and schedule rules and recording parameters for your entire office.

  • Forward calls to a third party or to an IVR message after the close of business

  • Conveniently password protect recordings
  • Distribute recordings through the admin portal

Express and Elevate features

Monitor team performance in real time as you listen to or step in on customer calls—and provide ad hoc training as needed.
Embed an on-screen dialer keypad so your agents can reach customers not in their contacts list.
Change the status of your agents to busy when they receive a call, dial out, or step away from their desk. This minimizes wait time and disruption for a better overall experience.
Put your agents in control of calls managed through the call center, including recording, transfers, forwarding, and more.
Presenting CX Express and CX Elevate with Vonage Business Communications
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