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Call Forwarding

Your team can easily stay connected with colleagues and customers when they’re away from their desk, on the road, or working remotely.

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What is Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding helps employees stay in touch when they’re out of the office, so they don’t miss any important business. There are three options available: send the call to a designated extension; a staggered approach where a call can be sent to a series of extensions or numbers, up to a total of five, essentially “following” the employee; or send the call to a group of extensions, such as fellow team members.



Call Forwarding with Vonage

Vonage offers cutting-edge communications technology that hundreds of companies use to collaborate internally and connect with their customers every day. Our Unified Communications solution provides 50+ features, including Call Forwarding, that are flexible, scalable, and easy to use.

  • Ease of use — Call Forwarding is a snap to set up, to use, and to specify how you want to forward calls when you’re away from your primary phone. You can also set how many rings or how much time will occur before the call is forwarded.

  • Mobility — On the road or out to lunch, Call Forwarding makes sure you won’t miss an important call.

  • Productivity — Call Forwarding cuts down on missed calls and helps users to get work done when they’re out of the office.

  • Convenience — You can route all your business calls to any number or device you want, depending on your needs — for example, when you’re in a meeting or on a business trip. You have the option to send calls to a designated person or team when you’re away for a period of time.


Still have questions about Vonage Call Forwarding?

To access VBC services and apps, including our call-forwarding capabilities, start by selecting a VBC plan that is right for your business. View our plans and buy online, schedule a conversation, or simply call 855-430-6401 to discuss your needs with a business VoIP expert.

Once you are calling with Vonage, just go into your settings and change Call Forwarding from Send to Voicemail to whatever forwarding option you would like.


The basic idea is to send unanswered calls to another extension or phone, instead of the default option of voicemail.

Employees can forward calls via their desktop or mobile apps or the Admin Portal.

With Follow Me, a staggered option that’s part of the VBC Never Miss a Call suite, the deskphone rings for a selected amount of time, then the call can be forwarded to a series of numbers, before finally going to voicemail.

You go to Settings and select Call Forwarding. By default, calls will be sent to voicemail, but you can instead pick from three options: 1) Forward All Calls, the basic setting that sends calls to a selected extension or external number; 2) Follow Me, where if a user doesn’t pick up a call, it can be forwarded to another extension or external number, and then another, up to five numbers total; and 3) Simultaneous Ring — the call is forwarded to multiple extensions or external numbers at the same time. Users can also set calls to be forwarded after two rings/10 seconds up to 12 rings/60 seconds.

Yes. You have an option in the admin portal to select “Use Caller ID.” The default shows the originating caller — for example, if Bob has set his calls to be forwarded to Sally, and Andre calls Bob, Sally will see Andre’s number, as if Andre had called Sally directly. Or Bob can choose a different number to appear in the caller ID.

You cannot turn off Call Forwarding — it is a basic feature in VBC. However, you can reset to the forwarding default, Send to Voicemail.

Yes. Using the Follow Me function, you can customize your phone to “follow” you by ringing different numbers (e.g., set your phone to ring your desk handset for 10 seconds, then ring your mobile phone if there’s no answer, then go to voicemail if there’s still no answer).

No. The feature works wherever your VBC phone system does — desktop computer, laptop, cell phone, and other devices.

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