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Custom Call Tagging

Easily identify the origin of incoming calls. Custom Call Tagging allows users to add a unique call tag to individual numbers to distinguish calls. You can set custom tag assignments quickly and easily from the Admin Portal.
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What is Call Tagging?

Call tagging allows admins and users to place various labels on calls that will help a business identify callers, assign context clues (e.g., “Complaints”), track marketing efforts, reveal trends, and more.

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How does Call Tagging work?

VBC Administrators and Super Users can assign custom call tags to an extension or phone number, including those used with your Call Group, Call Queue, and Virtual Receptionist. This tag is appended to the Caller ID, and announced/displayed on incoming calls to that number.

The Desktop App and Vonage Mobile App list these tags in Call History, and Google Analytics can track them if specified.

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Advantages of VBC Call Tagging

Call Tagging provides a number of business benefits that can improve operations, enhance analytics, boost customer service, and more:

  • Organized — Ensure employees have the context they need to answer calls with the appropriate response.

  • Sourced — Easily identify the origin of incoming calls.

  • Distinctive — Add a tag to distinguish incoming calls for various departments, companies, functions, etc.

  • Measurable — Measure the success of a marketing campaign by running a report to see the popularity of a tag.

  • Simple — Quickly and easily manage Custom Call Tagging through your Admin Portal.

  • Multi-functional — Tag phone numbers as well as extensions, Virtual Receptionists, Call Groups, and Call Queues.

How to set up Custom Call Tagging

To set up a call tag, Admins and Superusers should first sign in to the VBC Admin Portal, click “Phone System,” then click “Call Tagging.”

Next, hover over and click an extension. “Basic Settings” are displayed. Click the “Tag” icon in the “Extension Number” field. Then select “Create a New Custom Tag” from the menu.


Still have questions about VBC Call Tagging?

Call Tagging — assigning labels to calls based on context — brings a wide range of benefits to the table, including:

  • Sorting calls into categories makes your workflow more efficient.

  • Call data can be gathered, measured, and analyzed.

  • You can identify trends and patterns.

  • Tagging angry or unsuccessful calls can improve training and performance.

Yes, Vonage Custom Call Tagging is designed to give you the ability to assign unique tags to individual calls/callers. This allows you to quickly identify who is calling, the issue or request being addressed, which marketing program led to the call, etc.

Vonage Custom Call Tagging enables Admins and Superusers to assign unique tags that fit their particular needs. However, common tags can  include things like Customer Service Problem, Technical Support, the name of a marketing program, and more.

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