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Single Sign-On (SSO) and System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM)

Use existing company credentials to easily log in to Vonage Business Communications and other business applications. 


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Provide a centralized authentication and password management for Vonage Business Communications users.

Synchronize the user provisioning and updates between multiple applications. 


Use your company credentials to easily log in to the Vonage Business Communications account. 


  • Simplicity - Provides centralized authentication and password management for customers that use SAML 2.0 protocol compliant identity access management (IAM)  partners supported by Vonage. 

  • Secure - Centralized password and policy management maintained by the customer’s corporate directory.

  • Single Login - End users can use a single set of credentials across all of their Single Sign-On enabled apps

  • Hassle-Free - Save time by logging in once across Single Sign-On enabled apps

*Vonage supports Okta, Azure and OneLogin


Image that depicts the enhanced password security feature of the Vonage Contact Center


Enables automatic user provisioning from the corporate identity and access management system.


  • Enhances SSO - Compliments Single Sign-On (SSO); offers scalability advantages for large or growing organizations.

  • Efficiency - Eliminates manual provisioning and updates. 

  • Flexibility - Supported Vonage IAM partners are OKTA, Azure and OneLogin. 

  • Increases adoption of business apps  - Encourages employees to adopt more integrated work applications and tools with less effort.  

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