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Team Messaging

Stay better connected with colleagues through Team Messaging work chat, accessible via the Vonage Business Communications Desktop and Mobile Apps.

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What is VBC Team Messaging?

Team Messaging is a work chat feature that allows your team to connect in real-time, from any device. With Team Messaging, you can start or join group work chats, share files and media, send and receive messages from your office phone number, make voice calls, and escalate to video with colleagues — all from the VBC Desktop or Mobile App.

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How does VBC Team Messaging work?

Team Messaging is built into the Vonage Business Communications platform, so that team communications are available in the VBC Desktop and Mobile App. This allows your team to access work chat in the same app they use for phone calls, video conferencing, text messaging, and other business communications.


Team Messaging is included in your VBC Desktop and Mobile App.  With Team Messaging, there’s no need to pay for an additional messaging app for employees.  Simply visit Vonage Business Communications Web App — or download the desktop or mobile app — to get started.


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Advantages of VBC Team Messaging

You want your employee collaboration to be as smooth and efficient as possible.  Team messaging can play a key role in making that a reality. Vonage’s business messaging app makes it easier to stay up to speed, collaborate with colleagues, and work from virtually anywhere.


Here are some of the benefits your company can enjoy from Team Messaging:


  • Real-time Communication — Staying on top of conversations is easy with VBC Team Messaging. Use the instant messaging functionality so that you’re always up to date on important conversations and projects.

  • Enhanced Collaboration — VBC Team Messaging is built for productivity and collaboration. Effortlessly escalate to video with team members and work together in real-time.

  • Message on Any Device — With VBC Team Messaging, your team can stay connected across multiple devices. Create a single, convenient channel for team messaging on desktop and mobile.

  • Work from Anywhere — Wherever you have access to the VBC App, you can stay connected with your team. Easily message or even escalate to video with colleagues from the office or remotely.

*Data charges may apply to Mobile App usage depending upon your mobile plan



How to use the Team Messaging app

All internal users on a VBC account have access to Team Messaging. Just select Team Messaging, find one or several colleagues at once in Contacts, and start messaging from anywhere. Team Messaging also enables users to escalate to video as needed.

Still have questions about VBC Team Messaging?

Team Messaging is included in your VBC Desktop and Mobile App.  With Team Messaging, there’s no need to pay for an additional messaging app for employees to communicate internally.

The VBC Team Messaging feature requires no additional setup. The feature is included with the VBC Desktop and Mobile App.

Team Messaging can only be used internally within a company.

Team Messaging is an internal messaging app. To message with customers, simply use the VBC SMS feature, which is also included with the VBC Desktop and Mobile App.

VBC Team Messaging provides teams with a more secure channel for work communications. This feature applies end-to-end encryption to all incoming and outgoing messages, keeping sensitive data protected.

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