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Voicemail to Email

Automatically forward voicemail recordings to your email inbox so you can listen to them when and where you want.

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What is Voicemail to Email?

The name says it all: Voicemail to Email allows Vonage customers to listen to voicemail messages on their computer or phone — with recordings conveniently delivered to their email inbox. Part of your Vonage Business Communications (VBC) plan, Voicemail to Email notifies you by email with a clickable voicemail recording you can play on the spot or later at your convenience.


How does Voicemail to Email work?

When your extension receives a voicemail, the feature sends an email — with an attached MP3 recording of the voicemail — to your inbox. You can easily play the MP3 on your computer's speakers or your headphones, or on your smartphone. You can also download the recording for later reference or as a permanent record of the voicemail.

  • Control — Voicemail to Email sends voicemail MP3 audio files to the email inbox specified in the user’s password-protected portal. You also have a voicemail inbox code to hear voicemails if you prefer to not use Voicemail to Email, and voicemails are quickly available through the desktop and mobile apps.

  • Convenience — Not only are voicemail recordings quickly delivered to your email inbox, but, for a small fee, you can add Vonage Visual Voicemail and have transcribed text versions of the voicemails included in the body of the emails — great for when and where listening to a voicemail isn’t possible.

  • Mobility — Users can listen to their voicemails anywhere, anytime. Remote and/or flexible workers who may not be tied to their desk phones can keep the work moving and communications flowing.

  • Productivity — Your team can spend less time accessing, filtering, and managing voicemails in the usual voicemail queue.

Still have questions about Vonage Voicemail to Email?

To access VBC services and apps, including our Voicemail to Email capabilities, start by selecting a VBC plan that is right for your business. View our plans and buy online, schedule a conversation, or simply call 855-430-6401 to discuss your needs with a business VoIP expert.

This feature is part of the VBC service. If voicemail is active for an extension, then you can simply choose the option to send the voicemails to email.

How you set up Voicemail to Email depends on whether you are going through the portal or in the Vonage Desktop or Mobile app. In the app, the end user can go to Voicemail in the settings and click “Send Voicemail to Email.” By default, voicemails will go to the email address used to register for VBC; users can manually enter another email if they wish. In the admin portal, you go to “Phone System” and “Extensions,” where you can configure all extensions.

There is no extra charge for Voicemail to Email — it’s included in your Vonage Business Communications plan, along with a wealth of other features like Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ring, and Call Flip.

Yes. If you have it set up that a group of users will receive a call when an extension is called, the voicemail recording can be sent to up to five different email inboxes. This can only be set up by the admin in the portal.

There are some industries or situations where Voicemail to Email might not be an option. For example, healthcare organizations must adhere to HIPAA regulations, and email generally isn’t HIPAA compliant. (The VBC app is HIPAA compliant.)

Note that there is a configuration option that can be set up by Vonage support that will send the email as a notification only, without the voicemail itself. The user may then listen to the voicemail in their desktop or mobile app or by entering the inbox code.

Almost instantaneously. Most voicemails will be delivered to your email inbox in less than a minute, depending on the system load, the size of the voicemail, and other factors.

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