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Messages API pricing

Simple Messages API pricing: pay for what gets delivered. All-inclusive features for a richer, more meaningful customer experience. Explore Messages API pricing across WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and more.

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Conversation usage fees

There are two fees a business must pay to use WhatsApp: WhatsApp fee + Vonage platform fee.

WhatsApp conversation-based pricing*

WhatsApp is charging a fee per conversation, differentiating Business-initiated conversations vs User-initiated conversations. 


Visit WhatsApp Business API conversations and rates to find the rates per country.

Vonage platform fee

Pay-as-you-go per conversation priced at 0.040 Euros (0.0488 USD) per conversation (any type). Managed customers can also purchase packages of conversations per month with volume-based discounts that will bring conversation prices as low as 0.009 Euros (0.012 USD) per conversation.

*WhatsApp is introducing new conversation categories and conversation-based pricing, effective June 1, 2023. These pricing changes reflect the different function and associated value of each conversation category. Visit WhatsApp Business API conversations and rates to find the pricing by country. 

WhatsApp Messages

Vonage platform fee for WhatsApp

Vonage will offer an updated pricing model with usage based on conversations. The new model provides simplicity, predictability, and greater value.

  • This model aligns with WhatsApp pricing, so you have only one usage metric: the conversation

  • You are charged per conversation no matter how many messages are exchanged during the 24-hour session

  • Tiered packages provide significant savings based on message volumes

  • To learn more about Vonage’s conversation-based pricing model, please see our support note or contact your account manager.


Pricing is updated every 4 hours and will fluctuate based on

carrier costs and current exchange rate (between USD and EUR).

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger pricing

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$0.0011 per delivered message

Viber Service Messaging


Viber Service Messaging pricing
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MMS pricing
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