Easy vCommerce with Payments Over the Phone

Give your customers a secure voice payment solution that seamlessly works with your current business process, is PCI Compliant, and is global in its availability. Deliver the flexibility of paying by phone as an augment to your current IVR voice bot or contact center platform, with no “rip and replace” and with just a few lines of code.

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The Power and Convenience of vCommerce

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Flexibility in Making Payments

Respond to the growth of Voice Commerce and a consumer's preference to make and complete transactions via phone.
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Fully Compliant

PCI-DSS compliant for payment with major credit cards, supporting vCommerce across industries.

Global Commerce

Your customers can make payments with ease in the regional and global markets that your business serves in the local language with prompts from our Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition features of the Voice API. View all features
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Implement a voice payment process with just a few lines of code

You can count on us to seamlessly integrate phone calls with third party credit card platforms—whether they are calls from your phone, from software applications on your website, or on branded mobile apps—on your preferred voice networks via our Voice API.  Deliver enhanced self-service interactions when your customers can pay by phone with prompts from your IVR, with the added flexibility and intuitive features of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), or through your virtual assistant of choice via WebSockets AI connectivity.

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More immediate completion of transactions

Streamline financial transactions, reduce cart abandonment, quickly renew subscriptions, and so much more when you take advantage of the dramatic growth in voice commerce and reach customers on the move. And whether your customers are local, regional, or global,  Vonage has the network connectivity and extensive language support to reach them in the markets you serve. 

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Discover how enabling payments over the phone with Vonage can further transform your customer experience.
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