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Artificial Intelligence Made Easy

Leverage the Vonage AI Engine and Professional Expertise to deliver a Voice Bot Experience that your customers will use and enjoy.

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Enable Self Service

With a capable Voice Bot option, customers can get bill updates, schedule appointments, get answers to frequently asked questions and more, all without having to wait for a live agent.
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Focus on Customer Satisfaction

With self service in place for simple tasks, representatives are able to focus on more complex challenges and customer satisfaction.

Evolve With Your Customer

Your business changes and so do customer expectations; the Voice Bot Package with Vonage AI is designed to move with you and your needs.
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Easy Setup And Configuration

Work with our AI experts to not only set up a Voice Bot but maintain, monitor, and optimize its performance over time.

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Vonage AI Engine

Having developed the AI engine ourselves, Vonage knows how to get the most out of it and can tailor the experience to your business's unique needs so you can stand out from the competition.
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Speedier Time to Market

Setting up AI and integrating it into your voice experience is not only complicated but time consuming. With Vonage AI Services you can reduce the time it takes to get up and running with a Voice Bot your customers will love. 

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Voice Integration

A Voice Bot can only be as good as the voice connection will allow; leverage direct integration with Vonage’s Voice API to deliver a superior customer experience across a global network. 

What is included in the Voice bot package


  • 40 Hours Professional Service time** with AI Experts designing and implementing your unique Voice Bot experience.

AI Monitoring & Support

  • Vocal Monitoring
    • Sampling 10% of calls to detect flaws.
  • Visual Monitoring
    • Scanning transcripts looking for bot errors.
  • Optimization
    • Retraining the bot on missed inputs and other issues.
  • Flagging
    • Flags 3rd party service errors with full description.
  • Reporting
    • Detailed monthly report including modifications and explanation to Virtual agent.
  • Designated Account Manager
    • Providing email, chat, and phone support during business hours.

Voice Bot Components Explained

  • Automatic Speech Recognition
    • Enabling the bot to take in human speech.
  • Natural Language Understanding
    • Driving the bot’s comprehension of the speech.
  • Text to Speech
    • Powering the bot’s response back to the caller.

*Requires connection to and usage with the Vonage Voice API.  Rates charged separately. See pricing.

**Additional project hours to be scoped and agreed upon between customer and Vonage AI Services team as needed.

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