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How To Choose the Right UCaaS Provider: 8 Things To Consider

This article was published on April 7, 2024

Communication is vital for businesses, regardless of size or industry. Customer and employee communication needs are getting more complex and demanding as businesses expand and employees work remotely. So it’s important to be able to connect and collaborate across multiple channels and provide personalized experiences.


The question is how to choose a communications provider that meets your business needs. A UCaaS provider, for example, can provide rich features, cost savings, and flexibility. Read on to learn more about modernizing your communications with UCaaS and key considerations to guide your search.

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What Is UCaaS?

Small businesses wanting to modernize their communications can do so with Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS). But, what is UCaaS? UCaaS is simply the unification of cloud-based calling, messaging, video conferencing, and more in a single desktop or mobile app that operates wherever there is internet connection.

Advantages of UCaaS Solutions 

There are many advantages for small businesses who take the leap from traditional analog  phone systems to cloud-based communications.

Ease and Reliability 

You can modernize communications with ease-of-use and uptime reliability. All you need is an internet connection for employees to start communicating and collaborating without any disruption to the business. UCaaS streamlines communications into desktop and mobile apps for calling, messaging, and video conferencing. Adoption across the organization is easy, as employees will no longer need to toggle between apps to communicate in their preferred channels. And you can leverage existing IT investments by integrating CRM solutions with UCaaS.

Call, Message, and Meet Using One App

Connect with voice, messaging, and video, all from one intuitive user interface. Eliminate siloed apps that compel IT teams to manage and maintain with numerous vendors. UCaaS bypasses provisioning for regional carriers for geographically dispersed employees. Start communicating and collaborating in minutes as long as there is an internet connection in the home, office, or on the road. With UCaaS, your teams can work more efficiently and easily engage with customers.

Optimized Customer Engagement

Develop better customer experiences by communicating with them in their preferred channels. Customers can message with their favorite brands via social media channels integrated with UCaaS and obtain faster, personalized customer support. UCaaS fosters collaboration, as communication apps can escalate from calls to messaging to video on the fly as needed between employees and customers.

What To Consider When Choosing a UCaaS Vendor

Selecting the right UCaaS provider can be daunting with so many vendors to choose from, and it’s important to find a UCaaS provider that will meet everyone’s needs. To simplify this process, there are eight factors to consider as you evaluate which is right for your business.

1. Business needs: Not all business units within your organization will have identical communication needs, but you can find the common thread for selecting a UCaaS provider. Consider the size of the organization, the number of remote workers to support, the ability to scale easily as business grows and expands, and regional compliance requirements.

2. A single app: Seek UCaaS providers that offer voice, messaging, video conferencing, and more, all from a single desktop or mobile app. A highly intuitive app requires little to no training, which helps in onboarding employees quickly and fostering adoption whether they’re in the office or working remotely.

3. Integrations with business apps: Ensure that the UCaaS provider you select can leverage your existing IT investments. Integrations with leading CRM platforms, like Salesforce, and other productivity tools, like Microsoft Teams, are critical to your business.

4. Quality of service, training and support: Evaluate the UCaaS provider’s quality of service. Ensure that they can meet 99.999% uptime reliability by understanding their SLAs. A smooth onboarding experience for all employees transitioning from analog phone systems is key, particularly as number portability allows organizations to keep existing numbers. On-demand training for admins and users ensures widespread adoption across the organization. Lastly, ensure that technical support is responsive 24/7 and made possible by both live and virtual agents.

5. Security: Ensure that the provider uses data security measures, including encryption protocols for messaging and video conferencing, single-sign-on to mitigate data breaches, and compliance with industry standards such as GDPR or HIPAA to protect your customers as well as your business.

6. Pricing: Select a UCaaS provider that offers tiered plans, and choose the one that offers the most value for your organization. Pay attention to set-up fees, monthly subscriptions, and metered usage charges. Consider total cost of ownership (TCO) over time, including potential savings from the migration to cloud-based communications, the elimination of costly upgrades, and maintenance costs.

7. Reputation: Pay attention to UCaaS providers that have a proven history of reliability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. And with acknowledgement from respected analysts, you can identify those providers that have forged a positive reputation and successfully differentiate themselves in the market.

8. Testimonials: Happy customers are an important consideration. Read customer testimonials and case studies in your industry to uncover similar challenges and learn which communication and collaboration solutions they implemented to meet their own business needs.

Once you evaluate and address these factors, you are on your way to selecting the right UCaaS provider for your organization.

How Can Vonage Help?

Vonage Business Communication (VBC) is our unified communications solution that offers voice, messaging, and video conferencing from a single app available on desktop and mobile apps. VBC makes a difference for small businesses with easy-to-use features, CRM integrations, and 99.999% uptime reliability*.

Visit us online to learn more or connect with a Vonage expert. 

*The 99.999% claim is based on Vonage's average uptime and/or availability.

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