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Vonage Contact Center Updates for Q2 2023: Release Notes Highlights

The latest Vonage Contact Center (VCC) updates will help make your contact center more productive, efficient, and effective. Look for the Q2 2023 release during the week of May 15, 2023. And enjoy the read as we quickly review the latest enhancements and developments.

employees, wearing headsets, sitting in front of computers at their desks; they are engaging with customers; this represents the Vonage Contact Center Q2 2023 release

Service Cloud Voice Enhancements

  • Download debug information

  • Voicemail Drop

  • Change status while on a call (intended states)

Salesforce Open CTI

  • Custom object routing becomes generally available

  • Re-routing of cases in external routing

  • Filter management in connect dial lists

VCC-VBC Integrated Experience

  • VBC transfer to VCC interaction plans

Microsoft Teams

  • Call or consult non-user Microsoft Teams entities from the VCC address book


  • Extended automatic wrap (remove manual wrap)

  • Visual engagement recordings

  • Customized branding for visual engagement


  • Tracking license assignment

  • User password management

  • Custom states as initial login state

  • Time zone support within IVR data collector

  • Time zone support within audit logs

  • Hide button for downloading interaction content

  • Auto-answer management for WebRTC users

  • Configure IT contact for account

Contact Center Reporting

  • Table view support (analytics)

  • Groups and skills support in default dashboards (analytics)


  • Access to custom SIP headers within interaction plans

Beta/Early Access Program

  • Various dataset updates (analytics)

  • Team dashboards

Important Announcements

  • Conferencing enabled for all accounts

  • Multiple voicemail drop to be enabled for all existing single VM drop customers

    • Uploading a voice message

    • Recording a voice message

    • Setting a voice message as the default

    • Leaving a voice message

  • Async announcements

Feature Retirement

  • Stats and reports — intent to deprecate

  • CRMLite — retired

  • Salesforce managed packages

Rollout Starts Soon

The Vonage Contact Center Q2 2023 release rolls out the week of May 15.

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