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Enhance Your Customer Interactions With a No-Code AI Builder

This article was updated on October 27, 2022

Vonage is excited to announce the general availability of AI Studio, a low-code/no-code tool to design, create, and deploy AI (artificial intelligence) conversations.

Screenshot of Vonage AI Studio interface

What Is No-Code AI?

No-code AI solutions offer an alternative to traditional AI technologies by helping to make them widely and easily available at a lower cost. No-code AI involves using a development platform with a visual, code-free interface to deploy AI and machine learning models.These solutions can also include drag-and-drop capabilities for even easier deployment, which is the case with Vonage AI Studio. This kind of AI technology enables non-technical users to quickly classify data and build accurate models to make predictions.

How AI Studio Works

Vonage AI Studio empowers developers and non-developers alike to create virtual assistants that operate in natural language using AI. These conversations are usually built for the voice channel, specifically using the Vonage Voice API. Information from those voice engagements can then be shared across the Vonage SMS and WhatsApp APIs, as well as using HTTP. 

AI Studio also enables frictionless engagement across channels by providing context and insights into interactions with your customers. Using AI Studio, you can create personalized and automated interactions that contribute to more enriched sales and support experiences.

Additionally, you can build virtual assistants and conversation flows using drag-and-drop modules and actions. Vonage AI Studio lets you easily build a natural-language voicebot virtual assistant for self-service support, billing updates, appointment scheduling, FAQs, and more. AI Studio also incorporates machine-learning models that adapt by using higher performing messages during high call volumes for greater efficiency.

Want to understand how AI Studio works in action? Let’s look at an example of a virtual assistant in the retail sector:

  • A customer calls into your store to inquire about the status of an order. Using AI Studio, your business can build an AI virtual assistant that’s configured to answer calls of this nature.
  • The virtual assistant then relays that information to your database to retrieve the order status and then share the update in real-time.
  • As a result, the customer doesn’t need to wait on hold for an agent to answer the call, nor does the individual need to explain the question multiple times over the phone — creating a positive self-service customer experience.
  • AI Studio makes it possible to set up this flow of information from the phone call to the virtual assistant, which then connects back to your business’s database to quickly retrieve the relevant information.

What Are the Benefits of No-Code AI?

No-code AI solutions can reduce the barrier to entry for businesses to start experimenting with AI and machine learning. These solutions help businesses adopt AI models quickly and at a low cost, enabling their domain experts to benefit from the latest technology.

  • No-Code AI combines business experience with AI — Data science is still an emerging field, and most data scientists have less business experience than domain experts. Thanks to no-code solutions, business users can leverage their domain-specific experience and quickly build AI solutions.
  • It’s fast — Building custom AI solutions requires writing code, cleaning up data, categorizing and structuring that data, training, and debugging the model. These processes can take even longer for those who are not familiar with data science.
  • It’s low-cost relative to custom AI solutions — Potential cost savings are one of the most apparent benefits of automation and no-code technology. Companies need fewer data scientists when they can have their business users build machine learning models.
  • It helps data scientists focus — If your business already has a data science team, requests from other employees may shift that team’s focus to easily solvable tasks. No-code solutions minimize these distracting requests because they enable business users to tackle these requests themselves.

What Makes Vonage AI Studio Different?

Vonage AI Studio offers your business the ability to build intuitive, self-service virtual assistants using natural language. It also enables AI integrations that facilitate conversation flows across channels to meet customer preferences, as well as provide an easy way to capture insights and context.

Because Vonage AI Studio is a low-code/no-code offering, it also can make it easier for your business to set up cross-channel customer engagements and ensure that your customers can reach you — no matter what communication channels they prefer.

Vonage AI Studio also capitalizes on Vonage’s AI expertise. This solution has been built to reflect some of the latest innovations in AI technology. In turn, this helps your business facilitate more seamless customer interactions.

As we demonstrated with the virtual assistant example, AI Studio also can provide enhanced self-service customer experiences. You can use AI Studio to build automated interactions that allow customers to quickly and easily have common inquiries answered, without needing to involve a customer service agent. This can save customers time and energy, while freeing up your personnel to attend to more complex customer service matters.

Get Started With Vonage AI Studio 

AI Studio is built on Vonage AI's proprietary natural language understanding (NLU) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) algorithms, which the conversational AI design team uses internally.

If you prefer not to build your own conversational AI solution, you can take advantage of Vonage’s AI expertise with a complete Virtual Assistant package. With this option, Vonage can help your business handle set-up, monitoring, and usage, while still allowing you to deliver a differentiated experience with AI.

Explore all that Vonage AI Studio can do to benefit your customer engagement here.

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By Adam Weir Senior Manager, Product Marketing - APIs

Adam Weir is a senior product marketing manager for Vonage Communications APIs. He leverages his marketing expertise to develop strategies and promote key API solutions including Video, Verify, and Number Insight, along with Vonage Artificial Intelligence. Adam has broad marketing experience, working previously in the financial services, information technology, and staffing industries. He lives in the Orlando, FL area, where he enjoys the year-round sunshine by spending quality time with his family at the local beaches and theme parks.

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