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Vonage Opt-Out Assist Simplifies Messaging Compliance

This article was published on March 25, 2024

Messaging is an effective way to reach, engage, and nurture your customers. But this also means adhering to strict compliance requirements across the U.S. and Canada. Vonage simplifies this compliance with Opt-Out Assist.

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Enjoy peace of mind with Vonage Opt-Out Assist

If you send SMS or MMS messages to the U.S. or Canada, providing HELP/STOP compliance keywords, replies, and opt-outs is a mandatory requirement. Now you can eliminate the complexities of managing these requirements. That’s because Vonage Opt-Out Assist ensures that your Short Code and 10DLC messages adhere to the latest carrier rules and end-user requests are satisfied every time — all with built-in compliance.

A comprehensive solution with built-in compliance

Thanks to Vonage Opt-Out Assist, you can enjoy:

  • Increased efficiencies: Omit the burden of managing requirements, user opt-outs, and disallow and allow lists.
  • Simplified operations: Lessen overhead and complexity, which reduces the need for additional costs or resources.
  • Improved customer experience: Boost CX with enhanced onboarding and quicker time to market.

Vonage Opt-Out Assist is now available for SMS and MMS Short Codes — featuring enhanced compliance checks.

Features and pricing

Product features

10DLC Opt-Out Assist 
(free of charge)**

Short Code Opt-Out Assist
(monthly recurring charge)

Keyword STOP support by default

Keyword HELP support by default

Opt-in keyword support by default


End, quit, cancel, unsubscribe


STOP wildcard support


Accelerated certification testing


*Not mandatory but customer can choose to add keywords in 10DLC application

**Standard 10DLC registration fees and SMS/MMS usage-based fees still apply


Simplify now

Get the latest on Vonage Opt-Out Assist and simplify your messaging compliance today.

headshot of Vanessa Perez, Senior Product Manager, Vonage
Vanessa Perez Sr. Product Manager, Vonage Communications APIs

Vanessa Perez is a senior product manager for Vonage Communications APIs. She manages compliance, regulations, and enterprise features for SMS. She leverages her extensive messaging expertise to build products which enable customers to continue to innovate and simplify communications. Vanessa lives in Northern California. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and rooting for her favorite Bay Area sports teams.

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