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Ebury Accelerates Engagement with Vonage

Ebury employs a unique business model for the FinTech industry. Instead of solely relying on inbound marketing to reach difficult-to-reach SME customers, Ebury makes outbound calls directly to potential clients. Vonage Contact Center for Salesforce adds ease and transparency to their processes, while Vonage Business Communications provides a seamless experience for team members around the world.

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Ebury lacked visibility of the sales process across its different jurisdictions — the UK, Spain, The Netherlands, and Poland — slowing the business’s progression. Ebury needed a cloud-based communications solution to further accelerate its growth.


Vonage Contact Center for Salesforce, Vonage Business Communications


One global solution across 31 offices in 20 countries; Agile, flexible communications tools powering 200,000+ call minutes per month; Intelligent solution that helps maintain regulatory compliance

Ebury builds a high-tech sales acceleration stack using Vonage

Ebury is a rapidly expanding FinTech company with sales doubling year-on-year. A trusted partner for SMEs, Ebury provides a unique combination of lending, currency and payment solutions and works with clients around the world. 

Ebury employs a unique business model for the FinTech industry. Instead of solely relying on inbound marketing to attract difficult to reach SME customers, Ebury makes outbound calls directly to potential clients. Today it operates across 31 offices in 20 countries, with employees handling 200,000+ call minutes per month.

Toby Young, CTO, said, “Our growth has come from identifying the right companies to call and contacting them in a proactive way.” With half the company in sales positions, this model has proved incredibly effective, but according to Toby the business “wanted to make it really easy and efficient for a salesperson to make a call and ensure they were calling from inside a CRM system.” Ebury also lacked visibility of the sales process across its different jurisdictions – the UK, Spain, The Netherlands and Poland – which was slowing the business’s progression. A cloud-based sales process was needed to further accelerate Ebury’s growth.

How Vonage Contact Center has enhanced ease and efficiency for Ebury 

A state-of-the-art cloud-based sales process 

Vonage technology gives a single reporting engine at the heart of the business. Ebury is now able to compare and understand the breadth of performance across the global sales team. Managers can cut call data in thousands of ways, giving Ebury better information for decision-making with real-time dashboards to improve conversion rates and increase sales. Sales reps are now working entirely within the Salesforce CRM system and, because of the integration with Vonage Contact Center, they can see all the conversations, call recordings and activity history with clients and prospects. Ebury’s sales agents are now more efficient than ever, having one source of truth and visibility of the end-to-end sales process leading to more successful conversations. 

Automatic call logging saves valuable time for the sales team

Ebury uses predictive data analysis to track prospects and select the right individuals for the sales team to call. With Vonage technology, all calls are immediately and automatically logged against the activity in Salesforce so Ebury’s agents have more time to prepare for the next call, improving success rates. Now managers can analyze huge streams of call data, which is accurately and automatically populated in real-time. Combined with click-to-dial from within the Salesforce record, Vonage technology reduces the time it takes for the sales teams to meet their targets.

Easy-to-access call recording builds sales team development

The Vonage cloud platform gives all employees easy access to call recordings, not only an FCA requirement, but vital to improving the performance of individual salespeople. Toby says that in the past, accessing call recordings was very difficult. Now sales reps can get a better understanding of what is required to be successful and replicate the top performers quickly.

In-country caller line identification grows customer confidence 

Ebury is using flexible caller line identification (CLID) to improve connection rates with prospects. Toby explains that displaying a local number when calling prospects “has significantly increased the answer rate and gives customers more confidence.” 

Gamification techniques drive sales performance 

An early adopter of gamification, Toby says Ebury uses game techniques to improve sales performance. “We continually change what we gamify, but we have targeted the quality of data collected, adoption of the sales process and length of call times to customers. It’s been particularly effective and massively increased the time on call across all sales teams.” 

Simplified office move helps Ebury keep growing

With the help of another Vonage customer and partner, Exponential-E, and Vonage pure cloud delivery, Ebury’s office move was delivered seamlessly. Over 150 phones and employees were consolidated into a single location, two new circuits were installed and new networks implemented. All the Vonage users had to do was sign in and they were able to get to work immediately. Lastly, the Vonage platform has transformed the way Ebury handles inbound calls from its customers. There’s one simple number for customers to call and they are routed straight through to their account manager, improving customer experience. 

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“The original goal when we implemented Vonage Contact Center was to find and invest in technology that could enable our employees to really focus on their roles. We needed the technology that was right for them, that had integrations with Salesforce, allowed us to be agile in the way it works, and allowed us to expand into new regions very quickly, and Vonage Contact Center was the perfect fit for that. And now by implementing Vonage Business Communications as well, we’re allowing our global team to have that consistency of service and user experience wherever they go, wherever they choose to work from.”
Darrone Vaughan, Director of Services and Infrastructure, Ebury

Unified Communications, Unified Experience

As Ebury continues to grow, Vonage Contact Center has enabled quick expansion into new markets and countries with an intelligent solution that helps Ebury maintain regulatory compliance. And once the team chose to leverage Vonage Business Communications (VBC) alongside the contact center solution, they saw how a cloud-based unified communications solution streamlines and improves the employee experience, allowing team members to work more flexibility and efficiently.

“Since Ebury has 31 offices in 20 countries globally, having one single provider allows everyone to have a consistent service wherever they are. We find within Ebury we get a lot of people that transition or move in between teams in different regions,” said Darrone Vaughan, Director of Services and Infrastructure, Ebury. “For example, if somebody working in Spain for a couple years goes and works in Canada, they're able to make the move to that team without any additional training. Vonage Business Communications allows our global team to have that consistency of service and user experience wherever they go, wherever they choose to work from.”

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