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Vonage tightly integrates unified communications and contact center to put everything you need for communication on one flexible cloud platform. When the contact center and the rest of the organization are all on the same communications platform, agents can collaborate with experts across your entire organization to most effectively resolve customer issues.

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Vonage offers seamless integration of contact center and unified communications

Vonage provides a fully integrated contact center and unified communications solution, built on the same cloud-based platform, making communications more flexible, intelligent, and personal.

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One call control ContactPad for back-office users and contact center agents

Contact center agents use the same set of call controls and the same directory as all the unified communications users within their organization. Everyone can base business decisions on the same data while agents interact with colleagues, customers, and prospects in the way that suits them best.
  • Calls conducted from the same ContactPad interface
  • Agents easily communicate across the business
  • One directory across unified communications and contact center
  • Single source of truth for all employees
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The convenience of single sign-on with the consistency of a single interface

Single sign-on (SSO) provides consistent identity and access management across your entire organization, while the integrated experience provides a single intuitive interface. Agents can quickly login to the contact center with a click and control their availability.
  • Simple, one-click agent login
  • Robust messaging and video meetings
  • Reduced training time and frustration
  • Instant team collaboration
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Agents see who’s available to assist with customer service

The Vonage integrated experience enables agents to see every employee within your organization and whether they are available to help the customer. They can use the skills and expertise of the entire business to support customer interactions.
  • Visibility into true availability
  • Messaging, conference calls, or video meetings available
  • Options to connect via multiple channels
  • Enhanced productivity
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Find out how Vonage brings unified communications and contact center together. Everything your organization needs for communication is now on one flexible cloud platform.
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