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Rosen Law Firm Saves Time and Money With Vonage Business Communications

Lee Rosen and his staff at Rosen Law have turned to Vonage Business Communications as their hosted phone service solution, allowing everyone to work from anywhere an internet connection is available.

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Vonage Solutions and Features

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Rosen Law Firm’s old system was missing the key business collaboration and communication capabilities they needed.


Vonage Business Communications


Rosen Law has saved money on their phone system and managed to increase their reporting and training functions to build a more effective workforce, and their employees have more of a work/life balance with added travel capabilities.

Business Communication Case Study: Rosen Law Firm

Rosen Law Firm’s old system required them to make a yearly decision to commit to a very expensive solution with an inflexible feature set that was missing the capabilities they needed. Their cloud-hosted Vonage Business Communications solution gave them robust features like call recording and a mobile app that allowed them to mobilize their employees and boost workday and training efficiency, while saving money and wrapping service and support into the same monthly package.

"One day’s worth of call recording pays for [our phone service] for a year — literally — by taking an employee and improving their skills over the course of just one day."
– Lee Rosen

Lee Rosen is a family law attorney in North Carolina with offices throughout the state. He and his employees use Vonage Business as their hosted phone service solution to work from anywhere broadband is available while still providing their clients with high-quality phone calls. To learn more about Rosen Law Firm, visit

Cloud-Hosted Savings With Fewer IT Needs

A few years ago, Rosen Law was using an on-premises solution. Their Windows® servers had all the issues that come along with an on-site setup: fees associated with an IT specialist, space limitations, energy bills, and frequent hassles with system changes. Not only did they have to pay a technician to come to the office to make changes to the system — per server — they also had to pay support fees to their phone service provider which was an entirely separate fee from the phone connection.

“With Vonage Business, it’s actually very neat because there’s always something new happening and we don’t have to pay extra for it. It’s like a treat every few months. It’s phenomenal because most of us are used to buying a solution and being stuck with it until we buy something new.”

Enhanced Flexibility With Easy Portal Access

Rosen notes that switching to Vonage from their old solution was nearly seamless and caused no interruption to service. They chose metered extensions for the conference room, unlimited extensions for the majority of employee phones, and virtual extensions for remote employees.

“It’s like one minute of change when we need to adjust our extensions. It’s as easy as logging in, making a change, clicking ‘OK’ and you’re done. We can change our entire setup in minutes.”

Rosen Law is a fairly small office, and the management of Vonage Business has been delegated to an administrative assistant. When employees have a question about customizing their extension or using a feature, Rosen says that this person is able to teach the rest of staff about the system quickly and easily.

“Using the online portal is no harder than playing an online game – our staff grasps the concepts of the portal in just minutes and they’re up and running with no trouble at all.”

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Easy Customization and Top-Notch Customer Care

Once trained on the user portal, Rosen Law’s employees have found it very easy to log in by themselves to make changes to their voicemail, “Never Miss a Call” settings and more. If they do have complex issues, Rosen finds that the Customer Care department has been helpful in talking end-users through problems and getting them back on track.

“We’ve been very pleased with the demeanor and attitude of the Customer Care staff. They walk our users through the problem, help them find a solution and we’re good to go. They don’t put us in an endless loop of telling us to get in touch with another provider.”

Expanding Lawyers’ Workspace With Better Mobility

Few of Rosen Law’s users are in the office on a regular basis. Because of their travel schedules, they tend to work remotely from a coffee shop or a courthouse and note that using the mobile app and softphones help them stay connected (mobile data charges may apply).

Call Recording Makes Training Easy and Affordable

Since moving to Vonage Business, Rosen Law’s biggest difference is that they have managed to slash their phone costs in half. The firm also signed up for the Call Recording: Company-Wide service and uses it to train new hires and current employees to identify what does and does not work during phone calls.

“Company call recording is a feature that goes straight to the bottom line. That feature makes us money because we can listen to those calls, talk to employees, and watch them improve moment by moment. One day’s worth of call recording pays for [our phone service] for a year – literally – by taking an employee and improving their skills over the course of just one day.”

Connecting Offices Across Around the Globe

Rosen Law has also been able to manage communications with employees from halfway across the world – their operations specialist travels extensively and manages to stay connected with excellent clarity from Spain, Alaska, Argentina and Egypt. And when it comes to attracting and maintaining top talent, Rosen notes that when the firm’s managing attorney moved to another state, they were able to keep her on – an HR capability that couldn’t have been possible with a traditional phone system. Employees travel on their own time with no consequences to the firm’s operations or professional presence.

The Bottom Line? Vonage Makes Business Better

Rosen Law has saved hundreds of dollars on their phone system, they’ve managed to increase their reporting and training functions to build a more effective workforce, and their employees have more of a work/life balance with added travel capabilities. “It’s one thing to work remotely with a cell phone.” Says Rosen, “It’s an entirely different thing to have your computer and phone built into one device and have that extra functionality. It makes you feel like you’re at the office with your normal tools in front of you.”

Learn more about how Vonage Business Communications can help your small business communicate better.

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