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Phone Call Hold Music

Vonage’s custom hold music gives your business an easy way to create a more pleasant waiting experience for your prospects and customers.

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What is Phone Call Hold Music?

On-hold music for business involves playing recorded music to fill the silence that telephone callers would normally hear when placed on hold. The Vonage Business Communications hold music feature shows your callers that you have your customers’ best interests at heart.


With the right hold music, your business can improve customer experience, establish a stronger identity, and let callers know that their call is still active. 


The Vonage Business Communications platform comes with royalty-free hold music options for businesses and lets you change or customize your hold music at any time.


How Phone Call Hold Music works

With Vonage Business Communications, you can set your on-hold music through the VBC Admin Portal.


Every VBC account includes four free hold music options, creating a pleasant on-hold experience without added licensing fees. Alternatively, you can upload your own music files or recordings through the VBC Admin Portal.


The VBC Admin Portal allows you to set or change your hold music at any time, giving you total control over the on-hold experience for your business.


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Advantages of Vonage Phone Call Hold Music

Vonage offers industry-leading business communications solutions that companies around the world use and trust every day. Music on Hold is just one of the features available with Vonage Business Communications that deliver a consistent, omnichannel, personalized customer experience.


Here are some of the ways this feature can benefit your company:

    • Upscale presentation — Creates a premiere and pleasant on-hold experience by playing recognizable, calming, or uplifting music.

  • Ability to customize music  — You can customize your on-hold music to match your style and brand.

  • Inviting and engaging — Callers still feel connected to the line — and to your company — even when they’re on hold.

  • Effective customer experience — The right hold music can keep customers on the phone longer and assure them that they haven’t been disconnected compared to a silent hold.

*Data charges may apply to Mobile App usage depending upon your mobile plan



How to use Phone Call Hold Music

Only the Super User or Account Administrators can add and modify Hold Music options via the Admin Portal. You’ll find more details in our Interactive Guide.

Still have questions about Vonage Phone Call Hold Music?

For Admins and Super Users, the Music On Hold page allows you to enable music for all calls when the caller is held or parked. Upon entering the page, the following fields are available:

  • Enable Music on Hold — Allows ON/OFF for Music on Hold

  • General Call Settings — Set group defined music or select file from the announcement repository

  • Internal Call Settings — Allows ON/OFF for the use of alternate sources for internal calls; set group-defined music or select a file from the announcement repository

Yes, there are four free hold-music options included in every Vonage Business Communications account, plus you can upload your own music or recording.

To add your own custom hold music files, first log into the Admin Portal, click Account, and then click on PBX Settings. From there, you’ll be able to upload .wav or .mp3 audio files. The audio file size cannot exceed 8 MB. Click Save to lock in any changes.

VBC hold music includes three default versions accessible under PBX Settings in the Admin Portal: Sunshine Hold Music, Calm River Hold Music, and World Mix Hold Music. Each of these pieces of music come in a softer- and louder-recorded version.

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