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Featured stories of Vonage in the news

Microscope - February 13, 2024

Channel explainer: How to make money out of GenAI

It’s tipped as the most important technology for a generation, but how are customers using it, can the channel make revenues from it and what are the risks? 

Adam Wilson, strategic partner director for EMEA and AUS at Vonage, tells us that in many ways, the channel can bring to bear its traditional solution and services expertise with GenAI.

E27 - February 8, 2028

Vonage to lead customer engagement deep dive in Indonesia

Amidst swift technological advancements, the dynamics of customer experience are changing at an unparalleled speed. Across the globe, businesses are exploring innovative strategies to maintain a competitive edge, with global cloud communications partner, Vonage, leading the charge in reshaping communications to be more flexible, intelligent, and personal.

Comms Business - February 8, 2024

The as-a-service era

As-a-service is quickly becoming the default choice for channel companies and their customers.

Adam Wilson, Director of Strategic Partnerships, points to AI as an area of opportunity. He said, “AI is set to be integrated into as-a-service models across the board, and there are many different use cases for the technology.”

App Developer Magazine - January 31, 2024

Programmable video APIs aiding developers from Vonage

Savinay Berry, EVP Product and Engineering at Vonage, explains how Vonage's programmable video APIs are aiding developers to drive positive CX brand experiences, how to overcome the challenges developers face when tasked with implementing video, how you can leverage APIs to eliminate heavy lifting and manage the data for you, how they implemented flexible AI transformers to interpret or manipulate videos, the security measures they put in place for banking and healthcare industries, and the roles real-time video engagement plays in a brand’s customer experience.

Vonage exec says video-based CX is ready for its closeup

Some people are still a bit shy when they hop onto video calls, but it’s no surprise that Lawrence Byrd, Director of Communications API at Vonage, shows up to an interview with his camera turned on. 

Byrd has seen first-hand how video-based technologies have evolved over the past five years and understands how they’re becoming increasingly popular as a customer engagement channel.

UC Today - January 16, 2024

UC Roundtable: Next-Gen Collaboration

Industry experts discuss the trends they see in the evolution of collaboration tools, the challenges that come with the widespread adoption of next-gen collaboration tools, how these tools can bridge geographical and cultural gaps within teams, and how emerging technologies like AI and AR can revolutionise collaboration in the future. 

John Antanaitis, VP of Product Portfolio Marketing at Vonage highlights that a notable trend is AI-driven collaboration, where companies use enhanced AI tools to streamline workflows, automate specific tasks, better connect people with actionable data that impacts their current activities and improve decision-making processes.

Future CIO - January 12, 2024

AI Redefines Enterprise Applications

Artificial intelligence is making its presence known across all areas of industry and function. As consumers of technology, the CIO and his or her team are not immune from the perceived threats of the technology and practice.

FutureCIO spoke to Sunny Rao, senior vice president of API Global Sales at Vonage, for his take on how AI today is redefining the enterprise application landscape.

RT Insights - December 28, 2023

How AI-Powered Omnichannel Communications Optimize Customer Interactions and Engagement

To be successful, brands should adopt an omnichannel communications strategy, allowing customers to contact the business seamlessly across their preferred channels. Companies can also leverage the powerful capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) across their communication channels, such as voice, video, messaging, and chat, enabling them to augment (not replace) the role of the human contact center representative.

Customer Zone 360 - December 21, 2023 and Future of CX Speaker Vonage Partner to Keep Travelers Informed Every Step of the Way

Let’s say you have a honeymoon itinerary crafted with a travel agency that promises Parisian strolls beneath twilight skies and sun-kissed Tuscan vineyard tours. However, when it’s time for the honeymoon, the dream vacation devolved into a travel agency odyssey. 

Using a travel agency does not have to end in a nightmare. Communication is key between customer and agency; therefore, it is critical that travel agencies like can connect over multiple channels to ensure customers see these updates to their travel plans. To do that, is leveraging Vonage's SMS API to engage with customers wherever they are in a timely manner for better engagement and a better overall customer experience.

CRNTV - November 2023

Simple, Reliable, Effective Business Communications

Jim Regan, Vonage Channel Leader, shares his thoughts on how Vonage helps partners monetize network investments, creates next level experiences for customers, and explores new growth opportunities through their unified communications, contact centers and advanced global network APIs.

KDNuggets - November 9, 2023

AI + No-Code: The viral Combo Redefining Developer Innovation

Time is the one thing developers can never get back. Savinay Berry, Vonage Executive Vice President, Product and Engineering discusses the value of low code/no code platforms backed by AI in promoting faster development times and increased business agility.

Channel Futures TV - October 24, 2023

Vonage Makes Big Play in Artificial Intelligence, Vertical Markets

It's been a busy year for the channel team at Vonage, describing to the company's channel partners the benefits of its acquisition by Ericsson.  We wanted to find out how the integration process was coming along, so we invited Vonage channel leader Jim Regan to Channel Futures TV. In this wide-ranging interview, Regan also touches on the company's relationship with the big technology services distributors, its attention to various vertical markets, and how Vonage considers itself a pioneer of sorts in the world of artificial intelligence.

The Fast Mode - September 21 2023

MagentaBusiness API: Deutsche Telekom Network APIs Now Commercially

Deutsche Telekom on Wednesday announced the commercial launch of network APIs, under the brand “MagentaBusiness API”. Developers and business customers can now build apps and services which communicate seamlessly with Deutsche Telekom’s network in Germany. Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation and a part of Ericsson, will provide the platform for the service. The MagentaBusiness API platform powered by Vonage will serve as a “one-stop shop” for access to communications and network APIs. This allows developers and business customers to embed communication functions like video, voice, messaging and other capabilities into their products, applications, and workflows. 

Security Boulevard - September 20, 2023

Getting Started With Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

By Sanjay Macwan, CIO & CISO, Vonage

Cybercriminals are relentless. Luckily, those entrusted to ensure the security of our platforms and personal data are just as determined. These teams will continue to build upon today’s 2FA technologies to minimize potential business disruption, consumer privacy breaches and reputational damages caused by cybercriminals. For the two-thirds of companies that do not currently have 2FA policies in place, there’s no time like today to get started.

PayChex THRIVE, a business podcast - September 12, 2023

Reinventing the Customer Experience with Communication Technology

On this episode of Paychex THRIVE, a Business Podcast, host Gene Marks is talking with John Antanaitis, the Vice President of Global Portfolio Marketing at Vonage. Listen in to hear what John had to say about how communication technologies are evolving to keep up with the changing customer experience. He’ll touch on unified communications, collaboration, artificial intelligence, and more.  

Comms Business - September 11, 2023

Market Report: Aisles of opportunity

How are the needs of retail customers changing? Comms Business speaks to the Channel to find out. For Yash Kotak, product management at Vonage and founder and CEO of Jumper.Ai, removing the siloes that persist between customer platforms is critical. He said, “One of the most significant tech challenges faced today is the prevalence of siloed customer communication platforms. These disconnected systems hinder seamless interactions between retailers and customers, leading to fragmented experiences and missed opportunities for personalised engagement.”

MarTech Asia - September 8, 2023

What constitutes a successful omnichannel strategy in 2023?

As consumer buying habits change, omnichannel is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ and it is fast becoming necessary for brands to stay relevant. However while many marketers have moved into omnichannel marketing, creating a 360 customer experience has been tedious to manage and difficult to achieve. Kate Liew, Senior Director, APAC Marketing, Vonage, talks to MartechAsia to uncover the reasons why companies often fail with their omnichannel marketing and shares what needs to change.

CMS Wire - September 6, 2023

Empathy & AI in Customer Experience: How Their Tango Can Wow

The intelligence and efficiency that AI brings to areas like streamlining customer interactions in call centers or password resets, reservation and delivery statuses, product information access, scheduling and more have realized powerful enhancements for business and value for customers, said Joy Corso, Vonage CMO. “There is a fine line between efficient and consistent touchpoints and the need for those touchpoints to have the insights and influence from those creating the experience as well as the intelligence to connect with a human interaction based on responses and needs.”

Comms Business - August 29, 2023

Staying ahead of the curve

Adam Wilson, director of strategic partnerships at Vonage, outlines how to navigate the AI business communications revolution with MSPs and resellers.

ZD Net - August 14, 2023

Low-code and no-code: Meant for citizen developers, but embraced by IT

Low-code and no-code software development tools and platforms, increasingly super-charged with artificial intelligence, are helping to offload IT department workloads. Business end-users are creating their own apps, within guardrails and monitoring by IT. Interestingly, it appears that the most enthusiastic users of low and no-code tools may be IT professionals themselves. 

"Low-code and no-code tools are a way to mitigate talent shortages because they allow companies to build software systems without the need for large teams of developers," says  Amitha Pulijala, vice president of product, cloud platform services, CX, API, and AI at Vonage. "These tools also expand the overall population of people within an organization -- from early-stage developer to senior developer -- that are able to build these systems."

No Jitter - July 19, 2023

Vonage Protection Suite Offers Counter-Fraud as a Service

Vonage's approach to fraud protection ties monitoring, alerting, and automated controls to SMS and voice traffic while expanding its two-factor and Number Insight products. Vonage is committed to equipping its customers with carrier-grade tools, recognizing the need to fight fraud collectively. These tools are being made available to customers at no additional cost, demonstrating Vonage's dedication to empowering customers and enhancing their fraud prevention capabilities.

Telecom Reseller - July 18, 2023

Vonage delivers a powerhouse of communications and collaboration with a great employee and customer experience Part 2

Sanjay Macwan, CIO, CISO at Vonage Speaks with Don Witt of The Chanel Daily News about businesses and how they can ensure security while migrating from a PBX to the cloud.  There are many benefits in moving to the cloud including ROI, financial as well as the employee and customer experience. Vonage enhances the cloud solution with Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

CRN - July 17, 2023

The 10 Hottest Collaboration Tools Of 2023 (So Far)

The leading collaboration and videoconferencing leaders have begun injecting generative AI into their offerings. Meanwhile, CCaaS is rising in importance as vendors realize it just makes sense for businesses to have one robust experience platform for their communications needs.

Telecom Reseller - July 17, 2023

Vonage delivers a powerhouse of communications and collaboration with a great employee and customer experience Part 1

Sanjay Macwan, CIO, CISO at Vonage takes Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication, and the rest of us back farther adding some additional communications history to the story. He also describes early Vonage with a current core business product set of Unified Communications, Contact Centers and CPaaS APIs.

AIThority - July 17, 2023

Top AI and ML Trends Transforming the Customer Service Industry

AIThority editors spoke with Savinay Berry, Vonage Executive Vice President, Product and Engineering, to understand how cloud contact centers actually use AI-powered conversational tools to reinvent their customer service.

Total Retail - July 10, 2023

How SMBs Can Leverage Tech to Meet and Exceed Today’s Retail Consumer Demands

By Joy Corso, CMO

Retail brands must work to meet these needs as consumers won’t hesitate to share negative feedback publicly and with family and friends. Research by Vonage found that 46 percent will tell loved ones, 24 percent will post on social media or other online forums, and 18 percent will go directly to a consumer protection agency. Vonage recently surveyed consumers to gain insight into their preferences when interacting with SMBs in general. Let’s dive into the key findings and what they mean for how SMBs in the retail industry can gain a competitive advantage with customers. 

News in the Channel - July 5, 2023

UCaaS Market Forecast: 400% Growth by 2033 Presents Reseller Opportunity

Unified communications as a service is rapidly gaining in popularity in the UK, boosted by hybrid working and the desire of customers to have the same communication and collaborative facilities wherever they are, meaning it is something resellers need to offer to customers. By any metric, forecasts of 400% growth in a market in the next decade globally is great – and that is what is predicted for the unified communication as a service (UCaaS) market by Future Market Insights, which claims the sector will grow from $28.5 billion in 2023 to $112.6 billion in 2033. 

CX Today - July 4, 2023

Vonage Goes Deeper on Conversational Commerce with New Innovations

Vonage has added a new mobile app, AI-powered widgets, and messaging channels to its Vonage Conversational Commerce solution. These updates will enable organizations to improve their customer engagement across all channels, with live chat and messaging capabilities to enhance mobility.

Air Cargo News - July 3, 2023

Air France KLM Martinair Cargo invests in CRM technology

Air France KLM Martinair Cargo (AFKLMP Cargo) has partnered with Salesforce and Vonage to implement a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution and improve customer services. By implementing the new single-platform CRM solution, integrated with a contact centre solution, AFKLMP Cargo aims to streamline customer processes and provide faster, better service by phone and digital channels, with more tailored support.

Get VoIP - July 3, 2023

Vonage, to Enhance Omnichannel CX Tool

Through live chat and messaging from any device or platform, Vonage and (appear to) focus on ease of use for end users like marketers and contact center agents – otherwise known as end users. On the other end of the spectrum – are customers who will likely benefit most considerably, being able to interact with companies with near-endless channels. 

UC Today - June 22, 2023

UC Round Table: Conversational AI

With our latest Round Table subject, “Conversational AI”, we spoke with experts and executives - including Noam Mor, Senior Manager, AI Product at Vonage - about how conversational AI can enhance both UC in modern workplaces and the user experience, the challenges of implementing conversational AI for businesses, and how conversational AI might evolve in the future.

Channel Futures - June 13, 2023

Channel Partners Europe: Channel Must Leverage Tech to Help Customers In Tough Times

How can the channel use technology to help customers grow their businesses during the current economic downturn? That was one of the topics kicking off the Channel Partners Europe event in London. Adam Wilson, strategic partner director EMEA, Vonage, tackled the topic on stage with Tracy Pound, founder and managing director, Maximity.

UC Advanced - June 9, 2023

Adapting Strategies for Age-Inclusive Customer Engagement

Amitha Pulijala, VP, Product – Platform & Video at Vonage discusses why age-inclusive digital customer engagement makes business sense.

E27 - May 31, 2023

Expanding its global reach, Vonage plans to further enhance its AI and machine learning capabilities

Recently, cloud communications provider Vonage made headlines in Singapore with its involvement in the launch of the payments feature on WhatsApp in the country. Its Vonage Conversational Commerce–aimed to support customer buying experiences across various messaging, social, and web platforms–will allow users to complete transactions and have conversations with buyers through the popular messaging app. But according to John Lee, Vice President, APAC Sales, Vonage, this is not the only significant milestone that the company has made recently.

Channel Futures - May 19, 2023

Vonage SVP Reggie Scales Talks Expansion Opportunities for Partners

Reggie Scales, SVP of global sales applications at Vonage, isn’t holding back about the future of the company. The business cloud communications giant is still, as he describes, “business as usual” when it comes to leveraging programmable APIs, for example. However, that’s only one growing aspect of the company’s technology portfolio.

Comms Business - May 15, 2023

The changing business comms landscape with Vonage

Adam Wilson, strategic partner director for EMEA and AUS at Vonage, joins Charlotte Hathway, editor of Comms Business, to discuss how the business communications market is changing. The business communications landscape has undergone significant changes in recent years due to the advancement in technology and globalisation. These changes have impacted how businesses communicate with their employees, customers, partners, and stakeholders. Adam explains what these changes mean for channel partners, as well as offering an insight into the trends to keep an eye on in 2023 and beyond.

CX Today - May 9, 2023

Vonage Survey Reveals Latest SMB Consumer Expectations

A Vonage study has revealed the latest small and medium-sized business (SMB) consumer expectations. Quick resolutions and multiple customer communication channels were two of the top expectations ranked by consumers. The survey findings are based on a Pollfish survey last month of 1,500 U.S. respondents who have recently interacted with an SMB.

NASDAQ - May 5, 2023

A Business's Customer Engagement Strategy is a Great Indicator of a Strong Investment Opportunity

By Joy Corso, Chief Marketing Officer

According to the 2022 Global Customer Engagement Report (GCER), 75% of customers are somewhat or very likely to stop buying products from a company when there is poor communication. That level of customer attrition significantly impacts the bottom line and is untenable long term; lost revenue combined with customer acquisition costs can sink an organization.

What’s Trending Now - May 2, 2023

Small Business Week with Marc Saltzman

National Small Business Week celebrates America’s entrepreneurs each year who work at home or own small businesses. Tech Expert Marc Saltzman and teamed up with a few brands to share some of the tech tools that can help small businesses thrive! Vonage Business Communications (VBC) unifies calling, SMS, video and social media messaging into a single cloud-based communications platform, so employees can connect with each other—and customers—on any device, from virtually anywhere.

CIO - May 1, 2023

Top technologies that will disrupt business in 2023

From AI to IoT, advancements, convergences, and new use cases are giving rise to new avenues for IT innovation across industries, thereby transforming the business landscape to come. All these technologies have the potential to disrupt the business world, or are already doing so, as technology disruption is often the result of converging existing technologies rather than the introduction of something completely new, says Sanjay Macwan, CIO and CSO at Vonage, who sees several current technologies merging to create new gains.

UC Today - April 25, 2023

UC Round Table: Adding Voice to Microsoft Teams

With our latest Round Table subject, “Adding Voice to Teams” we spoke with experts and executives from Vonage, Fusion Connect, AudioCodes, Sinch Voice, CallTower, and Pure IP, about the best strategies for adding voice to Teams, what is the most in-demand method for integrating voice to Teams, the challenges that businesses face when adding voice, and how Operator Connect and direct routing can work in tandem.

E27 - April 19, 2023

Transforming commerce: The promising future of conversational interfaces

By Yash Kotak, Senior Director, Product Management at Vonage

As e-commerce surges and consumers shift to direct messaging for online shopping, conversational commerce looks set to dominate the industry. Messaging apps, once an intimate medium for sharing private views, are taking on a new role to drive sales and customer engagement. The latest retail buzzword, ‘conversational commerce’, a convergence of shopping and conversations, uses messaging tools within the chat to create a seamless shopping experience along with customer service. This meets the needs of today’s customers, who base their loyalty on good experiences above price or product.

Opus Research Blog - April 18, 2023

“The New Full Stack”: Vonage And Ericsson

As a subsidiary of Ericsson, Vonage is adding another layer to that is foundational to its solution stack. It starts with large-scale long-term investment in research & development into advanced network services, establishing leadership in 5G wireless infrastructure. But it also benefits from long-standing, deep relationships with leading carriers around the globe.

CrmXchange - April 7, 2023

Interview with Savinay Berry

Sheri Greenhaus, Managing Partner, CrmXchange, met with Savinay Berry, EVP of Product & Engineering at Vonage at Enterprise Connect to discuss the advantages of Vonage’s communications platform and their new AI acceleration suite.

Telecom Reseller - March 31, 2023

Recognized CPaaS Leader Vonage Continues to Build CPaaS Drive Choices, Options

“It only takes one or two bad experiences,” says John Antanaitis, CMO, Marketing Executive at Vonage. According to Antanaitis, losing customer goodwill, or even possibly losing customer business can happen just that fast. To meet that exacting challenge Vonage is rolling out very sophisticated products that allow for customization and development, without sacrificing a robust platform. In this podcast Antanaitis discusses the Vonage AI Acceleration Suite’s components: AI Studio, Proactive Connect, Meeting API and Verify API.

No Jitter - March 31, 2023

Live from Enterprise Connect - Interview with Savinay Berry

Savinay Berry is interviewed live on the Enterprise Connect show floor about the benefits of low-code/no-code solutions. 

IT Wire - March 27, 2023

Vonage launches Proactive Connect for business

Cloud communications provider Vonage has launched a new tool designed to empower businesses to deliver customized, large scale, omnichannel campaigns and bulk messages, including two-way interactions with their customers - all from a single marketing automation platform.

Comms Business - March 24, 2023

Vonage launches Proactive Connect

Vonage has launched Proactive Connect, a marketing solution that delivers omnichannel campaigns and bulk messages to customers.

NASDAQ - March 23, 2023

Why Investors Are Heavily Investing in AI and Cloud Business Solutions

Vonage CEO Rory Read joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq TradeTalks to discuss why investors are heavily investing in AI and cloud business solutions.

TechTarget - March 21, 2023

Vonage's API tools embed video and add bulk messaging

Cloud communications vendor Vonage on Tuesday launched an embeddable video conferencing tool, Meetings API, and a unified automation platform for omnichannel mass messaging, Proactive Connect.

Channel Futures - March 21, 2023

Vonage Unveils New Conferencing, Messaging Tools

Vonage has released two tools to help facilitate digital transformation for businesses — one for conferencing and the other for messaging.

UC Today - March 21, 2023

Vonage Launches Video APIs for User Workflows

Vonage has released a no-code and customisable video conferencing API which can be embedded into user workflows without requiring support from developers. Meetings API can be integrated with any website or platform into internal and external workflows, providing visual engagement capabilities which are designed to improve customer and employee interactions. Compared to other solutions requiring long and complicated integrations, Meetings API will be much quicker and easier to implement, speeding up the time to market.

UC Today - March 14, 2023

UC Round Table: Fusing UCaaS with CCaaS

With our latest Round Table topic, “UCaaS and CCaaS”, we spoke with executives from Vonage, Zoom, Avaya, GoTo, AudioCodes and CallTower and asked about the newest tech trends shaping the industry, the opportunities they afford and how they can improve CX and streamline communication, plus what the challenges are when implementing them.

No Jitter - March 13, 2023

Vonage Flaunts its Ericsson 5G Connection

For over six months, we've wondered what Ericsson intended to do with Vonage as their newest wholly-owned subsidiary. What we really should have been asking is what Vonage and its CPaaS business is going to do with Ericsson.

Call Centre Helper - March 10, 2023

Everything You Wanted to Know About Using Video in the Contact Centre

Tim Kimber, Vonage, notes that while voice remains dominant in the contact centre, there is a greater appetite for video use in two cases. Firstly, when customers have complex issues or would like to make a complaint; and secondly when they would like a more personalized experience. Video and screen sharing can even add value and build relationships with certain client groups, like high-net-worth individuals.

CMS Wire - March 8, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Communications Platform-as- a-Service (CPaaS)

Learn how CPaaS can help your business adapt to evolving customer needs and expectations, while future-proofing your operations and enhancing your CX strategy.

Silverlinings - March 7, 2023

Vonage moves beyond VoIP and into the cloud

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona — Vonage 20-year journey from voice-over-IP (VoIP) to one of the world's largest cloud communications platforms thanks to its embrace of open APIs, according to Joy Corso, chief marketing officer, and Savinay Berry, executive vice president of product and engineering.

Both Corso and Berry spoke to Silverlinings at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona about the shift to building an omni-channel experience and meeting the customer wherever they are at when it comes to delivering digital services.

UC Today - March 6, 2023

Vonage Deploys AI for Video API to Leverage New Opportunities

Cloud communications firm Vonage has launched AI-powered features for its Video API, catering for audio, media processing and end-to-end encryption security. The AI capabilities can be embedded into customers’ existing applications for real-time connections and more innovative video interactions. According to Vonage, the firm intends to ‘leverage technology in their digital transformation journeys to accommodate growing consumer expectations to engage on their channels of choice’.

Metrigy MetriNote - March 3, 2023

Vonage Extends Video API with AI, E2EE

Enterprise IT and CX leaders who have not yet added video engagement for customer support should evaluate whether doing so would deliver value. If so, an API-based approach should be considered. Those already supporting video engagement but without AI-enabled capabilities should explore the possibilities of doing so. And, certainly, companies already using Vonage Video API should consider the benefits of adding in intelligent features such as enabled by Audio Connector and Media Processor, as well as whether they can extend their offerings with the ability to support multiparty end-to-end encryption.

GetVoIP - March 3, 2023

Vonage Wants to Propel CX, Launching New AI Tools

Vonage is one UC provider with plenty of homegrown APIs, the kind designed to create various experiences for its customers. There is an API for voice, SMS, video, and even an API built to help verify customers at scale – called Verify API. Already working with brands like Allstate, Kickstarter, and Domino’s, it has just released a new set of enhancements to its video API: which means that it now offers up a new batch of artificial intelligence-powered enhancements set to help brands better extend customer service via video. 

Branding in Asia - February 27, 2023

Q&A: Joy Corso on How Brands Can Ride the Rising Wave of Conversational Commerce

To get more insight into how organizations are adapting to changing consumer trends, we caught up with Joy Corso, Chief Marketing Officer at Vonage, a communications company that specializes in voice, messaging, video, and data capabilities across unified communications, contact centers, and communications APIs.

No Jitter - February 22, 2023

UCaaS Plus CCaaS: What are the Use Cases, Where are the Hurdles?

Organizations can determine how they can get the most out of UCaaS/CCaaS solutions by examining the use cases where the integrated offerings make sense.

Drive Time with Elliott Danker, Timothy Go & Chua Tian Tian Podcast - February 20, 2023

In the Spotlight: Consumers want digital interactions with brands to feel more like personal conversations

In a recent study by Vonage, it has been found that businesses have technology gaps that prevent them from making meaningful connections with customers. Even after two years of non-stop digital transformation among businesses, only 45 percent of consumers are “very satisfied” with the way they connect with companies. Sunny Rao, Senior Vice President of API Global Sales, Vonage shares with us on what more companies can do to close the gaps in their digital transformation front. 

CX Today - February 17, 2023

CX Awards 2023 Winners

AI is everywhere. CCaaS and UCaaS systems are converging. Immersive experiences are emerging. These are just some of the trends touching the customer experience space. Powering these trends are visionary technology vendors that work closely with their customers to bring innovative customer experiences to life. The CX Awards 2023 shines a light on these leading providers that excel not only in their creativity but also in their execution. Vonage was named a winner in the Best CX Solution category. - February 10, 2023

Ericsson’s Erik Ekudden and Rory Read discuss commercializing 5G

At Ericsson’s pre-MWC get together I sat down with CTO Erik Ekudden and former Vonage head Rory Read, now Head of Business Area Global Communications Platform to find out if anyone is making money out of 5G.

Speech Technology - February 8, 2023

The 2023 State of Artificial Intelligence

It’s hardly a surprise that 2022 was a pivotal year for speech technology, especially considering the continued explosion of artificial intelligence in this space. Amitha Pulijala, vice president of product, AI, video, and platform services at Vonage, agrees that AI’s influence on speech continues to expand. “Speech recognition AI today uses NLP more effectively to better understand customers and respond conversationally,” Pulijala notes. “The technology powers everything from interactive voice response to virtual assistants and chatbots to call transcription. Speech recognition can also be used as a security measure to verify customer identity and approve access to account information and self-service options.”

Ultimate.AI - January 25, 2023

The Top 10 Customer Support Automation Examples and Use Cases

AI-powered customer service automation has so many applications, and as the tech evolves, the use cases do too. Vonage’s Chris Mina and Yash Kotak provide thought leadership on  some of the most common — and a few unexpected — use cases that prompted businesses to adopt support automation.

Contact Center Pipeline - January 2023

The Virtual Shift

To understand what is happening with UCC in the contact center we reached out to thought leaders at several leading suppliers including Chris Mina, Head of CCaaS Product, Vonage.

Retail Touch Points - December 27, 2022

The Customer is Always Right: Why Programmable Voice is a Key Component of Digital Retail

By Colin Brown, VP Product and Carrier Services, Vonage

Retail companies looking to digitally transform don’t need to fix what isn’t broken. Instead, these brands need to meet customers where they already are and adhere to their communication preferences — which currently, perhaps surprisingly, points to voice. Vonage’s latest global research shows voice calls are a top-two preferred communication channel by consumers when connecting with brands, and this is likely to increase in the coming year.

TechRadar Pro - December 28, 2022

An interview with Vonage on the future of work

At TechRadar Pro, we’re always looking out for new perspectives on innovations around the future of work. So in December 2022, we caught up with Savinay Berry, EVP of Product and Engineering at Vonage to discuss the future of hybrid working and artificial intelligence, the possibilities of the corporate metaverse and more.

CNBC - December 19, 2022

CFOs learn how to respond and lead during a cyberattack

Finance executives at CNBC’s recent CFO Council Summit in Washington, D.C., had the chance to experience a simulated ransomware attack. The goal of the exercise was not to school CFOs in the technical intricacies of a breach, but rather to formulate a plan for how to manage, lead, and communicate during a crisis. TEC member Sanjay Macwan, CISO at Vonage, helped guide his table into formulating a logical communications plan that involved not only internal technical teams, but the insurance company, legal team, and board of directors. “One of the pieces of advice I gave was to ensure that during a crisis, you don’t just rely on the organizational hierarchy to help with the decision-making,” he said, “but actively solicit input from team members who are closest to functions and understand the implications the best.”

CIO - December 19, 2022

IT leaders’ top 12 takeaways from 2022

CIOs share insights on the lessons they’ve learned this year about the pace of business transformation, implementing value-oriented IT initiatives, and the benefits of a thriving workplace culture.

MarTech Series - December 19, 2022

Four Reasons Why Conversational Commerce is the Future of Customer Engagement

A communications revolution mixed with the rapid development of new technologies has caused the way we connect to evolve. As communication methods advance though, so too do customer expectations. Let’s explore four benefits of conversational commerce and why it represents the future of customer engagement.

VentureBeat - December 13, 2022

7 ways a recession could impact AI and ML in 2023

According to Noam Fine, head of AI at telecommunications company Vonage, a global recession is an accelerator for the adoption of new technologies. “Enterprises are gaining new trust and excitement about AI, and specifically conversational AI, through new generative AI services built on large data sets,” he said. “This will lead to pilots and willingness to experiment with new solutions as a way of better managing the new economic situation.” The result, he added, is that companies “will find a new open door that wasn’t there before.” 

Forbes - December 7, 2022

16 Smart Ways Tech Leaders Can Build Creativity In Their Team Members

Encourage teams to reimagine the very notion of being creative to meet consumer expectations. Build new core creative muscle and think differently about solving customer challenges from the outside in, not the other way around. The way to breakthrough thinking is building a team with diverse backgrounds and diversity of thought. Only then is true innovation and growth possible. - Rory Read, Vonage

Technology Magazine - December 5, 2022

Mind your language: Is NLP a natural fit for the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is going to need next-level processing in order to provide a meaningful experience for all. Natural-language processing has something to say. The early Metaverse will not be for the faint of heart, says Yash Kotak, Sr. Director Product Management at Vonage, as it will take time for regulation and appropriate monitoring to become established. 

AI Magazine - December 5, 2022

Now we’re talking: How humans have learned to love chatbots

We’ve come a long way since the Turing Test. Conversational artificial intelligence – now worth billions – is a great deal more than a simple talking point. A common myth is that customers only want to talk to real-life human beings and would prefer to avoid interacting with a chatbot, but this simply isn’t true, explains Noam Fine, Head of AI, Vonage. “The majority of people reaching out to customer support want to solve a problem as efficiently as possible. With chatbots, customers can avoid meaningless chit-chat and arrive at a resolution to their query far faster than with a customer service agent.”

CIO - November 28, 2022

5 ways to avoid IT purchasing regrets

Over half of organizations have experienced a high degree of regret over tech purchases made in the past two years. Here’s how to ensure your IT investments pay off.

Comms Business - November 25, 2022

Market Report: Meeting Expectations

How are call and contact centre solutions developing, and what opportunities are available to resellers and MSPs? Comms Business talks to experts from across the Channel, including Adam Wilson, director of strategic partnerships at Vonage, to find out.

Call Centre Helper - November 21, 2022

Contact Centre Predictions for 2023

Vonage’s Chris Mina predicts that in 2023, we expect to see video interactions becoming more prevalent, particularly in the healthcare sector, as agent roles shift towards advanced support. As such, we’ll see more integrated CCaaS solutions, where chat sessions can escalate to video conferences with document-sharing capabilities, which will enable operators to provide more streamlined and efficient support.

Fast Company - November 18, 2022

13 elements that are key to enhancing a company’s digital growth

Evaluating the potential for improvement on these core online-business components is essential to elevating a virtual organization. “Start by adding the appropriate customer support channels. By doing so, companies can build frictionless digital customer experiences by incorporating conversational commerce into e-commerce journeys. It’s about more than just making it easier to buy a product. Ecommerce businesses must have support services in place to connect with customers on their channel of choice to help when questions arise or risk losing business.” – Rory Read, Vonage

Fierce Wireless - November 14, 2022

Ericsson plans to turn Vonage into a 5G app powerhouse

With Vonage, Ericsson believes it can come up with that standard interface for 5G application development by tweaking Vonage’s communications platform and using it to create a suite of network functions with open APIs. Developers would then be able to use the platform to more easily create applications.  

UC Today - November 14, 2022

RingCentral, Vonage, and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise on UCaaS Security Strategies

Execs from leading UC providers, including Sanjay Macwan, CIO & CISO for Vonage, discuss UCaaS security strategies.

IDG Connect - November 7, 2022

CIO Spotlight: Sanjay Macwan, Vonage

Does the conventional CIO role include responsibilities it should not hold? “The CIO role is central to delivering corporate social responsibility. This includes the influence the role can have on the company going green or boosting diversity…”

CX Today - November 2, 2022

Vonage Explores the Business Impact of Changing Customer Expectations

The prominent CCaaS vendor assesses the transformation of CX in a digital world

E27 - October 31, 2022

5 customer experience (CX) trends to consider in 2022

By Sunny Rao, Senior Vice President, Global Sales

Enhancing CX is a mission-critical mandate for modern businesses, especially since COVID-19 drove a huge spike in digital interactions

CX Today - October 31, 2022

10 Ways Conversational Analytics Can Enhance Contact Center Performance

Ten conversational analytics experts share their favorite speech analytics use cases

The Breakfast Huddle podcast - October 30, 2022

Why It Matters: The future of retail, how can businesses tap into conversational commerce

While physical stores are now welcoming more consumers, digital shopping habits still continue to be relevant. This will, subsequently, drive conversational commerce, the sale of goods and services via messaging apps.  And it will become an integral communication and sales channel for businesses and consumers, especially as popular year-end retail sales days near. Lawrence Byrd, Technology Evangelist for Communications APIs, Vonage shares more. 

Media Post - October 28, 2022

CX Mix And Mingle: Consumers Prefer Phone And Email

Vonage surveyed 4,638 consumers across five global regions in July 2022. The study concludes, “The data is clear. Customers love their communications methods. They love a CX that has lots of channel options but resolves in the first one they choose. And they want businesses to know that the consequences for not sharing that love are severe.”

Inc. - October 24, 2022

Top Four Ways Communications Help SMBs Beat Out Their Competition

Seamless communication across voice, messaging, video, conferencing and contact centers is the name of the game for SMBs. 

Call Centre Helper - October 21, 2022

Trends Transforming Cloud Contact Centres

Vonage’s John Antanaitis believes that video in the contact centre, transforming the contact centre into a ‘Relationship Hub’, and customer service agents becoming ‘Super-Agents’ are three trends in the cloud contact centre.

280 Group - October 19, 2022

Trailblazing Women in Product Management: Shuba Swaminathan, Vice President of Product, Developer Experience & Design at Vonage

Shuba Swaminathan, Vice President of Product, Developer Experience & Design at Vonage, interviewed for the Women in Product Management Series.

Small Business Currents - October 18, 2022

Why Businesses Need Cloud Communications in a Hybrid World

By John Antanaitis, VP Portfolio Marketing, Vonage

The pandemic upended all sectors, but small businesses were hit especially hard. In particular, smaller businesses in verticals such as retail and hospitality faced many restrictions and needed to react swiftly to make changes to survive and stay relevant during the two-year period of uncertainty. That included finding new ways to connect with customers and deliver services, while maintaining a workforce culture and more. Now small businesses face the next challenge, adapting to hybrid work and, once more, meeting employees’ and customers’ needs along the way.

Frost & Sullivan - October 13, 2022

Vonage Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for Its Fully Integrated API, Unified and Contact Center Communications-as-a-service Platform, and Competitive Strategy

Frost & Sullivan has recognized Vonage with the 2022 North American Competitive Strategy Leadership Award for its API-led business communications solutions. The recognition comes as a part of Frost & Sullivan’s recent research focused on the North American API-led business communications industry.  Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognize companies in various regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development.

MarTech Asia - October 13, 2022

Conversational Commerce is the Future of Retail: Vonage CMO

Find out more about conversational commerce and why it’s considered the future of retail from Joy Corso, Chief Marketing Officer of Vonage through this MartechAsia interview.

Entrepreneur - October 7, 2022

How Cloud-Based Communication Can Save Small Businesses Time and Money While Boosting Productivity

From enhancing collaboration to reducing hardware costs and more, here's why moving to the cloud can be an SMB game changer.

Call Centre Helper - October 4, 2022

Who Should Record IVR Messages?

Tom Baker at Vonage explores who should record IVR messages.