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Build better connections and deliver amazing customer experiences.

Vonage does that.

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How do we do it? With a cloud communications platform our customers love.

*99.999% based on Vonage's average up time and/or availability.

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Global network and deployment

Connect employees and customers worldwide with 1,600+ telecommunications networks

It's never been easier to expand beyond borders: you can choose from global calling plans with local numbers from over 96 countries for voice, messaging, and video conferencing. 


Prefer to use APIs? Reach over 7 billion customers with our Tier 1 API network, built for the best quality and scalability in the market.

“Currently, we have calls coming into Singapore law firms from over 15 countries.  Since we revamped our system using Vonage APIs, we are able to scale our business much faster than we had imagined. Vonage is definitely an enabling solution.” Cherilyn Tan, Asia Law Network
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Secure and compliant

Designed for corporate and customer data protection

You'll benefit from a wide range of compliance certifications across our product lines that are independently tested and audited by third parties, including ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SOC, HITRUST, and CSA STAR. Vonage also adheres to global privacy standards through GDPR.


Our Network Operations Center proactively monitors network safety 24/7/365, with a 99.999% uptime SLA.


Our platform is deployed in a highly-distributed architecture worldwide, to ensure redundancy in the event one site degrades or fails entirely, due to natural disasters, cyber crime, or operational error.

"We are dedicated to serving our customers to not only ensure their success through solutions that drive digital transformation, but to protect their data and private company information and that of their own customers." Sanjay Macwan, CISO, Vonage
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Outstanding reliability

Elevated quality of service, on any network, for uninterrupted productivity

99.999% uptime reliability* means your teams and contact center agents can stay connected and efficient, wherever they are. 


Our highly distributed architecture provides flexibilty for massive scale-out capabilities, while multi-level fail-safes with cloud backup minimize call drops, data loss and static.  


SD-WAN routes and prioritizes data over any network—including private circuits, commercial broadband lines, and LTE/4G/5G connections.

"Without Vonage service in place, we would have seriously failed our customers."  Daniel Morris, Key Travel
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Full suite of communications APIs

Programmable APIs used by over 600 partners and 1 million developers

These days, everyone says they have APIs...but very few of our competitors have the depth or breadth of our portfolio.  Developers can use SMS, voice, video, verify, messaging APIs (and then some) to build outstanding embedded or mobile communications experiences.  
Throw in some AI and outstanding developer tools and documentation, and you'll be ready to develop amazing customer experiences that delight both your team and customers at scale.
"Vonage APIs have allowed us to do things we weren’t even sure were possible. The scalability of the Vonage platform has given us near-limitless capacity...”  Rik Johnson, Curious Thing
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Deep integrations & customizations

Build even better connections by enhancing your existing communications technology

Want to integrate your business phone system or contact center with your CRM?  For popular apps, like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and GSuite, we offer deep, embedded integrations. 


Need to create a custom workflow or add an incremental channel into your own app?  Simple. With a  few lines of code, embed a chatbot or SMS in your contact center, or 2FA or video to your app...etc.  Our APIs let you customize for the communications your customers need. 

"[Vonage] was the one solution that met all our needs. We have a convenient, single application integration with Microsoft Teams, as well as the ability to support our international locations."  Calvin Hung, Clearfreight
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Simple implementation & scalability

Technology your employees actually want to use

Break down siloes by offering your employees the ability to all be on the same page. How? By putting all your communication tools on one platform.  This makes adoption simple and boosts team productivity. 


As your business grows or your needs evolve,  we'll scale with you: you can easily add a phone system, a contact center, or build an embedded solution that plays nicely with everything else (your IT teams will thank you.)


 And setup is simple: in fact, for many of our products, it's turnkey. 

"[Vonage] has revolutionized our customer service efficiency and helped us create a great place to work. As a cloud solution, Vonage can scale as the business grows and users are able to log into the same system wherever they are." Samanthan Tomlinson, Wowcher

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