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The Vonage Way

Our culture and our people are our competitive advantage that empowers us to win in the marketplace.

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Our differences make us stronger

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DE&I is a part of our Culture

Inclusion & Fairness at Vonage

At Vonage, we’re committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) and creating an environment where team members can thrive in and out of the workplace. Our team member population has dramatically changed since our business transformation began six years ago, growing from a team based in three countries to one with team members in  30 countries. 


Our hybrid workplace model allows us to reach talent all across the planet. Once a US-centric company, more than  half of Vonage’s team members are based outside the US. We’re proud that our products and services enable our team members to work from anywhere so we can  hire talent across the globe. This allows us to bring more diversity to our company,  which in turn helps us to better serve our customers. 


We know our differences make us stronger. That’s why Vonage’s commitment to DE&I is woven throughout our entire people strategy - from recruitment, to onboarding, to development and promotions - it's a part of everything that we do.

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Our Team Members Drive our DE&I Efforts

Vonage Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

We believe DE&I needs to be a living and breathing part of our culture. It can’t just be words we say, it has to be demonstrated through our actions. At Vonage, it is not only important that our  team members participate in our DE&I initiatives, but essential that they drive them. All of our DE&I initiatives are employee led, created and implemented. 


Vonage created a DE&I Advisory board made up of eight leaders identified during our July 2020 talent review process as having high potential to lead the company’s DE&I work. This global advisory board is tasked with creating awareness and support for diversity, equity and inclusion, while empowering positive action towards embracing  Vonage’s mission, strategy, values and culture. The DE&I board was charged with framing  Vonage’s DE&I ethos, “Our Differences make us Stronger,”  and instituted the founding principles for our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).