The Vonage Foundation

The Vonage Foundation is focused on the power of communications, and its ability to be more meaningful to many by providing access to the expansive APIs that keep the world connected. 


We are dedicated to the advancement of global connectivity that oftentimes is elusive for those that live, learn and work in underserved or rural communities. 


We work to bridge the digital divide by using technology to unlock innovation and drive creative minds with grants for curriculum, research, technical advancements, knowledge sharing and financial support. 


We aim to make the world we live in a vibrant interconnected community by ensuring a digital-first future is possible today.

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Our Focus Areas

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Education: Building Tomorrow’s Diverse Tech Workforce

Promote and provide greater access to cloud communications technology to students and educators as the future of learning shifts and the digitization of the world intensifies.

Telehealth: A New Frontier for Access

Leverage the increased development of technology within the healthcare sector, to encourage patients to more frequently and easily communicate.
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Connect the Global Community Strengthen and Support a Connected World

Showcase the increased need for corporate players to stand-up both globally and locally. Share Vonage transformative contributions and empower global citizens.
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Crisis Response and Disaster Relief

Support our global community to provide support to communities when significantly impacted by a natural disaster or catastrophic event.
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Foundation highlight: Starlight Children's Foundation

Starlight Virtual Reality delivers happiness to seriously ill children through various pre-loaded, curated games and other experiences that provide distraction from medical procedures so young patients can relax and have fun escaping into a virtual world.

"On top of eight surgeries, my son had to have two blood transfusions. He was scared to death of the needles and everything that went with it. The second time the doctors did the transfusion, a hospital staff member brought the VR headset and he didn’t cry. He went through it really well."

Mother of pediatric patient, Tyler Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford

StoryCorps Transcends Social Distancing and Keeps Personal Storytelling Alive With Vonage Video API

By partnering with Vonage, StoryCorps used digital innovation and a dedication to their mission to overcome the social barriers of a pandemic.

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