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10DLC has arrived — here's what businesses need to know

Ready to enjoy higher volumes, lower costs, and better deliverability with your brand and campaign messaging? Vonage can help your business comply with the new U.S. carrier 10DLC messaging standard.

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Businesses that have used traditional long code numbers to send large volumes of text messages in the U.S. must comply with a new SMS messaging standard: 10-Digit Long Code (10DLC). The good news? 10DLC provides higher-quality support for mass text messaging with lower overhead costs. The better news? Compliance and adoption can be easy with the right messaging provider. 

Read on to learn why 10DLC is important and how your business can step up to this new generation of application-to-person (A2P) communications.

What are immediate 10DLC requirements?

All U.S. wireless carriers no longer allow message programs on long and short code to be shared across more than one brand. The replacement is the new 10DLC standard.

Also, businesses that send traffic from a +1 Country Code 10DLC into U.S. networks will need to register their brands and campaigns in order to get approval for sending messages. In most cases, resellers of SMS services will need to register their customers' brands and campaigns for them.

What are 10DLC business benefits?

Since long and short codes can no longer be shared across brands — your number is your number. This helps with brand accountability and delivery, and ultimately makes for a better customer experience.

If your business sends customers concise but vital messages such as appointment reminders, service updates, or alerts, 10DLC is a good method for delivery. 10DLC is also effective for engaging consumers with local marketing and improved customer support.

10DLC numbers are carrier approved and sanctioned. This allows for the sending of compliant content that will not be blocked. And you can strengthen your community presence through a local number, enjoy voice and text capabilities from the same number — and leverage higher-messaging throughput and reliability, with stronger security and lower monthly costs.

How do 10DLC benefits compare to toll-free or local numbers?

Given that marketing efforts are not recommended across toll-free numbers — as these are often labeled as spam — a 10DLC-provided local number presents a more personal approach.

Businesses must register local numbers to stay compliant with U.S. SMS messaging regulations. Again, this is a plus because you exclusively own your number — which helps reduce the chance for spam or fraudulent activity.

What are typical 10DLC use cases?

If timeliness, a strong customer focus, efficiency, and security are important, then 10DLC is a great solution for:

  • alerts and notifications
  • customer support
  • mass marketing messages
  • two-factor authentication

Three reasons to step up to 10DLC 

1. Higher SMS message volumes. 10DLC numbers are capable of supporting higher SMS volumes. But standard long virtual numbers are meant for person-to-person messaging and are subject to volume restrictions — which means they can be potentially blocked in A2P use cases.

2. Lower costs. 10DLC numbers are more cost-effective than short codes. This provides a cost-efficient alternative to businesses that can’t afford a short code number or don’t send enough messages to justify paying for a short code.

Businesses can also convert existing landlines to 10DLC numbers. This allows for more messages to be sent from existing phone numbers, without the cost of additional numbers to get 10DLC capabilities.

3. Better deliverability. Because 10DLC numbers are U.S. carrier sanctioned, messages sent on these numbers are more likely to reach recipients.

Read the complete list of 10DLC benefits.

Get Started with Vonage

It just takes three simple steps.



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1. Submit your brand and campaign in the Vonage API 10DLC Dashboard

If you don’t have one already, create your account and login. Make sure your brand details are fully accurate. Create your account
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2. Get a review

The Campaign Registry will review your brand and campaign submission. You'll be assigned a trust score from 1 to 100, which will determine the throughput allowance for your campaigns. If you are not a Fortune 1000 or Russell 3000 U.S. company, we highly recommend paying for “vetting” to increase your default score.
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3. Get ready to launch

The Vonage 10DLC onboarding team will contact you with a guide on how to launch your newly approved 10DLC campaigns.

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What’s Next?

10DLC represents a significant, but positive, change for business text messaging—one that should be embraced, not feared. We'll continue to update this article with new information as things develop. In the meantime, if you have any questions about 10DLC and how we can help with this transition, please contact our API team!

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