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Enterprise Connect 2019: Cloud Communications Cost Management

This article was published on May 13, 2020

At Day Three of Enterprise Connect 2019, Robert Harris, President, Communications Advantage, Inc., led a dynamic panel of cloud service providers in a discussion of the costs, contract terms and SLAs businesses must consider in today’s cloud environment.

Amid the discussion of the various costs of digital transformation, particularly for multinational organizations with locations in geographies across the globe, Vonage VP & Chief Technology Architect Sanjay Srinivasan made an excellent point about the one cost companies sometimes fail to take into consideration: opportunity cost.

"Businesses today must consider the total cost of ownership when looking to move their business to the cloud," said Sanjay Srinivasan. "It’s more than just the tangible line items. In a hyper-competitive world, the cost of a lost call or decrease in productivity, for example, should factor into a business’ decision to adopt cloud communications."

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