Announcing Innovative New Programmable Contact Center Capabilities from Nexmo!

Recently, we announced new global programmable contact center capabilities through Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, including split recording, real-time text-to-speech translation, onAnswer and WebRTC supported by the Nexmo Voice API (VAPI).

These latest capabilities allow cutting-edge software developers and businesses to build customized, innovative contact center capabilities tailored to their needs and unique specifications. Our powerful APIs enable greater contact center flexibility and efficiency, creating more meaningful customer interactions and better business outcomes.

We’re redefining how our developer ecosystem and businesses approach their contact centers with intelligent, voice-powered capabilities and analytical tools that can be used to build a unique and personalized customer experience. By leveraging our cloud-scale programmable communications to enhance new or existing contact centers, businesses can quickly adapt to customer demands, generate new insights and innovate faster to serve and delight their customers.

Supported by the global reach and scale of Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, developers and businesses can implement these advanced capabilities globally, individually or in combination, to augment an existing contact center. Alternatively, these capabilities can be deployed as a standalone solution, empowering customers to engage with agents in their preferred language, on their preferred channel, with relevant context and in real-time.

Exciting new capabilities include:

  • Split recording enables a business to record both participants of a call in stereo, creating a recording of what a participant hears on one channel, and what the participant says on a separate channel. This makes transcriptions easier to understand and more actionable, enabling a complete account of conversations, improved training, regulatory compliance, and ultimately driving better agent insight, agent performance, and customer experience.
  • Market leading text-to-speech with expanded language coverage empowers a company's digital voice to grow and adapt with its geographical presence through the ability to program automated voice prompts in a wide variety of local languages. Nexmo has added 17 new languages, bringing the total to a market-leading 40 languages, spoken by more than 4.5 billion people. Notable new languages include Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Cantonese, Bahasa, Portuguese and Korean.
  • onAnswer functionality provides agents with a pre-call prompt to provide context and facilitate a smoother conversation. For example, the prompt could be programmed to tell agents which of several concurrent campaigns a call is related to, or provide call context as a customer is being transferred, reducing friction and creating a more personal experience for customers.
  • WebRTC unlocks the value of the Nexmo Voice API functionality on mobile and desktop devices, offering a simple way for contact center agents to connect and work from anywhere they have a web browser. Setting up agents to work from home, or anywhere in the world, no longer requires communications hardware, or new landlines.

Learn about these and additional programmable contact center capabilities from Nexmo here!

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