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Platform architecture

Find out why customers of all sizes trust the Vonage API platform for their API management and business-critical applications.

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The Vonage network

Our APIs connect you to our tier 1 network for the best quality and scalability in the market.

Global reach

Communicate with over 7 billion people across the world and over 1,600 telecommunications networks.

Ship early, ship often

The Vonage API platform provides a comprehensive set of tools that allow developers to build and iterate quickly.

Telecom capabilities

VOICE QUALITY ENGINE Rich, reliable, and low-latency voice calling, enabling you to build modern enterprise communications customized for any app, website, or voice-based communications system.
MESSAGING QUALITY ENGINE A rules engine backed by our global, direct-to-carrier network ensures you receive the best deliverability.
PHONE NUMBERS Instantly provision numbers across more locations to give your business a local presence worldwide.
Our platform continuously monitors multiple available routes for delivering messages, and selects the best route based on the real-time, relative performance data of each route.
OUTBOUND NETWORK One platform with a geographical reach to over 1,600 carriers across the globe.
COMPLIANCE ENGINE Local compliance, sender IDs, and concatenation are all automated by the Vonage API platform.

API platform capabilities


A comprehensive security strategy that includes physical, system and application-level security, in addition to redundancy and vulnerability testing. Our platform is certified* for ISO27001, HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI DSS and GDPR.

CDNs allow us to optimize the API calls, enhancing the platform performance and lowering latency across the globe.

Deployed in multiple regions globally in cloud datacenters with high availability, the Vonage API platform boasts 99.99% uptime** and low level of latency, so you can deploy with confidence.

*Available in selected products/regions

**Based on Vonage's average uptime and/or availability

Illustration video call between a doctor and patient.

HIPAA-compliant solutions using SMS and Video

Explore how Vonage enables Healthcare organizations to deliver HIPAA-compliant solutions using SMS and Video.





API platform developer resources

Quickstart guides and overview videos for many features.
Libraries are offered in six different languages.
Learn how to combine features and services from the Vonage API platform to create communications solutions.
SDKs give developers the ability to embed communications directly into their applications.
A convenient and powerful tool that allows you to work efficiently without switching context.

API platform management tools

We’re obsessed with the performance details of communications, which is why we closely track, analyze, and improve your communications every step of the way.
Allow access to billing and configuration settings in a controlled, deliberate manner.
Analytics and billing are self-serviceable, empowering you to measure communication performance on the fly.
Integrate your own processes and back-office systems directly with our platform using flexible APIs.

Vonage Communications APIs is a leader in Cloud Communication Platforms on G2

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