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Meet your conversational commerce gen AI assistants

The suite of new features leveraging Generative AI — Live Chat Gen AI, Marketing Template Gen AI, and Knowledge Base Gen AI — seamlessly integrate into your Vonage Conversational Commerce dashboard. Now you can enjoy AI-generated content to significantly improve agent productivity and reduce marketing team overhead.


Automated chats need a good copilot

Live Chat Gen AI provides agents with AI-generated summaries, suggested replies, rephrasing, tone enhancements, and customer sentiment analysis. In addition to increased productivity, agents can reduce response time to strengthen a positive customer experience.

  • Sentiment: Detects customer sentiment to help agents tailor responses and provide better customer service. Feature also records the most recent customer sentiments, which helps agents create targeted messaging to address and connect with customers.

  • Rephrase: Empowers agents to refine their tone and rephrase responses with AI assistance. The speed of response — along with the ability to adjust tone for formal, casual, or fun — enhances the overall quality in high-demand situations.

  • Suggested Replies: Employs AI to review the latest customer conversations, and then learn and recommend suitable agent responses. This provides multiple suggestions, without relying on canned replies or repetitive answers. The streamlined workflow reduces response time, minimizes human errors, and empowers agents to choose the most fitting option for ongoing conversations.

  • Summarize: Generates a comprehensive summary of customer conversations as internal notes for reference. This AI-powered feature eliminates manually drafted summaries and shortens the agent handover-transition time.


Dynamically generate personalized message templates

Marketing Template Gen AI brings AI-powered content generation to your marketing templates. You can refine the generative AI output with targeted prompts like product, promotion, occasion, audience, key phrases, and more.

  • Produce diverse, creative marketing content effortlessly.

  • Reduce workload demands, while expanding the output of your marketing teams.


AI-enhanced knowledge base

Knowledge Base Gen AI allows businesses to upload documents and create a comprehensive knowledge base. And you can use this continually updated resource to:

  • Answer customer questions with quick and accurate replies.

  • Streamline customer support.

  • Ensure efficient and reliable self-service options.

Turn conversations into sales

Engage customers anytime, anywhere, with Vonage Conversational Commerce.
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