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Connect with your customers on Facebook Messenger

Expand your interactions with your customers on one of today’s most popular social chat applications. Send them tickets, QR codes, and images, audio or video files—Facebook Messenger provides you with the avenue to drive a more engaging customer experience.

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Feature-rich capabilities

Choose what you like and add another dimension to your conversations with text, images, audio files, video files and location sharing capabilities.

Real-time insights

Understand your customer preferences and gain a better understanding of your ROI with delivery callbacks.

Higher delivery rates

Optimize delivery rates to ensure that your messages are sent, delivered and read with failover capabilities to other messaging channels.
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Messages API Sandbox

Developers can easily create and test anything they want to build with WhatsApp, Viber Service Messages, or Facebook Messenger with our Messages API Sandbox feature. Sign up

Facebook Messenger for eCommerce

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Deliver the moments that matter most

Engage shoppers on their preferred social channel.

Keep the conversation going

Streamline responses to basic digital shopping questions with virtual assistants.
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Decrease cart abandonment

Address shopper concerns in real time to make checkout quick and easy.
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Anticipate shopper intent

Analyze shopper behavior and identify trends to solve issues before they arise.

Provide real-time support

Engage shoppers throughout their buying journey with contextual interaction and assistance.
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Onboard efficiently

Validate real consumer credentials with intent-driven verification and authentication.
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Personalize customer service

Give shoppers proactive, personalized support with in-app messaging, voice, and artificial intelligence.
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Add context

Our Conversation API powers superior communication, with shopper history that moves with your customers, delivering a better overall experience.
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Enhance your online shop experience with Facebook Messenger

Link your Facebook Messenger account to the Vonage API in a few easy steps or start testing messages via our Vonage Messages API Sandbox by signing up for free. You'll also find helpful developer documentation on our Facebook Messenger API.


Reports API puts you in control of customer communications data

Flexible reporting for all channels in one powerful API 

  • Intervene in failures to guarantee service

  • Test and measure campaigns

  • Uncover upsell and cross-sell opportunities

  • Take action in fraud and overage situations

  • Enhance end-user experience with advanced reporting

  • Create your own dashboard based on CDR data

Whatever you’re building, we’re here for your team!

You can join our Vonage Developer Slack Community where our developer advocates and experts come together to share tips, learn, and brainstorm on how to get the best out of our API technology.
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