Reports API

The Vonage Reports API (formerly Nexmo) allows you to download large sets of call detail records with a simple API call. Access large amounts of data to feed your data warehouse or to build custom monitoring solutions.
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See how the Vonage Reports API helps businesses like yours succeed.

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Access CDR from our popular portfolio of products including:
  • Voice API
  • Verify API
  • Number Insight
  • Messages API

More control

You control what filters to apply within the CDR report. Simply specify the fields you want to download as well as the dates in the API parameters.
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Improved performance

The Reports API uses asynchronous processing, which means you won't have to keep a connection open to receive your reports. Proactively check the status of the report or simply receive a notification to your callback URL when the report is ready.

Benefits of using the Vonage Reports API

Ease of use

No need to setup callback services.


Query CDRs using a wide range of filters to extract data.

Full coverage

Reports can fetch up to 13 months of data (the max retention period for CDRs).


An HTTP(S) POST callback can be generated to notify when report is completed.

Compressed output

Reports are formatted as CSV and compressed for faster downloads.


Report files are automatically deleted after 72 hours.

How your business can use the Vonage Reports API

Invoice reconciliation

Compare usage data with invoices received.

Customer billing

Download transactions and use included price data to determine what to bill customers.

Monitoring & analytics

Add CDR data to business intelligence or analytics system to correlate it with other events.

Data redaction verification

Verify that CDRs (message bodies/numbers) were redacted.
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