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The Customer Engagement Evolution

This article was updated on November 15, 2021

“Consumer behaviour is changing the longer Covid-related disruptions have gone on. Consumers have also discovered some great experiences with brands. They then expect that experience with every other company and service they interact with. So, there is a cross pollination of experiences that is happening. This blending and changing is disrupting businesses.”

So said Sunny Rao, global senior vice president for sales at Vonage, when he sat down with a panel of customer experience innovators and experts, including Stanford Swinton, vice president of global care and customer experience at Deliveroo; Dr. Mark Smith, founder and CEO of ContactEngine; Johannes Schildt, CEO of Kry, or Livi in the UK; and Kat Robinson, customer experience director at Metrobank. Moderated by journalist Nick Easen, the conversation delved into what businesses will need to compete and win in the future. 

“I think this is going to give rise to a lot of new business models that are going to disrupt the market even more. You will see markets disrupted from healthcare to food delivery to insurance. So, we have some interesting times ahead of us,” said Rao. “How do you make data more actionable is the biggest challenge and allow a holistic view of that consumer? Brands will need to offer a more consistent experience across all touchpoints end-to-end.”

Watch the videos below to see the full discussion, and learn more about how Vonage Communications APIs can help you build flexible, personal and intelligent customer journeys. 

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How Customer Engagement will Evolve in the Future?

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