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Growing Our Network… by Leaps and Bounds

This article was published on August 5, 2021

With the modernization of the contact center, customers have increased needs for omnichannel, SMS, voice biometrics, knowledge management solutions and more. Vonage’s ISV Partner Network continues to expand, bringing more use cases and limitless opportunities to its customers, keeping employees, agents and their own customers connected in the new, modern workplace.

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The way we live and work has forever changed. Necessity has forced an accelerated digital transformation that has affected every individual, every business and every industry - across the globe. 

As we look at the marketplace for Contact Center, emerging trends have become stronger than ever. Not only is it vital to have the traditional voice and call routing flow but the ability to offer omnichannel experiences, voice authentication, workforce management, SMS/MMS and effective knowledge management are all additional features that are important to businesses today.

Message Received

Similar to employee expectations to work from anywhere, today’s consumer expects to interact with businesses on their channel of choice - whether that’s voice, video, messaging, social media chat - and businesses must have the tools in place to enable their employees to make meaningful connections with customers.

With the help of its vast partner network, Vonage is continuing to empower businesses, their employees and agents to enhance collaboration and engagement with customers - from anywhere in the world on whatever channel they choose.

Vonage currently partners with Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to deliver rich capabilities and meaningful functionality that enhance its award-winning Vonage Contact Center (VCC) solution.

“By partnering with the industry’s leading ISVs, we are creating a stronger alignment with market demand as our customers’ contact center needs continue to evolve and grow,” said Breanna Kuhl, SVP Alliances for Vonage. “These partnerships help us to expand our contact center offering, with rich capabilities such as knowledge management, voice biometrics and workforce management, so that we can continue to provide the kind of flexible, intelligent and personal capabilities that are empowering our customers to stay ahead.”

Vonage ISV partner SMS-Magic, a market-leading messaging platform, provides VCC customers with additional multichannel messaging capabilities that are device agnostic inside and outside the customer’s CRM or business application of choice.

"The marriage of voice and text is perfect for those businesses looking for multiple channels to communicate with their customers,” said Karan Seth, Director Sales & Partner Alliances for SMS-Magic. “The seamless integration between SMS-Magic and Vonage delivers an intelligent text messaging service to global customers for marketing, sales, and service conversations."

AI in the Contact Center

Demand for and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) tools is on the rise in a post-COVID era. The role of AI in the increasing and continuous need for remote delivery of services should be in a “human-plus” capacity: AI will help humans - whether the customer or the contact center agent - to get more done in less time, with interactive automation capabilities providing frictionless, seamless and personalized customer experiences using tools already embedded into the applications customers are comfortable using, thus providing a better experience for all. 

By expanding on its long-time partnership with next-generation, AI-powered customer experience orchestration platform, Koopid, Vonage is empowering businesses to engage consumers across all digital channels and delivering unique AI technology to integrate these channels into the contact center.

“At Koopid, we are excited to work with Vonage to help brands deliver exceptional digital customer experiences using automation, supported by advanced contact center capabilities,” said Dan Nordale, Chief Revenue Officer at Koopid. “The Vonage Digital Engagement solution, powered by Koopid, offers Vonage customers transparency in the utilization of advanced digital automation, removing the ‘black box’ from around AI, and putting customer experience leaders in control across web, social, messaging and SMS.”

Another strategic partner that has expanded its relationship with Vonage APIs into the contact center space is Acqueon, provider of AI-driven conversational empowerment software for sales, marketing and customer support organizations.

With Acqueon, Vonage is innovating with AI technology and conversational engagement software to help customer-centric brands proactively engage with consumers using voice, messaging, and email channels - all from within the VCC dashboard. Acqueon software embeds rich data, statistical and predictive models, and intelligent workflows (appointment setting, reminders, callbacks, etc) into the agent dashboard to empower enterprises to maximize the potential of every customer conversation.

Your Voice is Your Password

Validsoft is a privacy-certified voice identity assurance provider. ValidSoft’s √oiceID™ security solution leverages world-leading, patent-protected, precision voice biometric technology to ensure secure and frictionless identity assurance is embedded in the Vonage Contact Center solution. 

“The partnership between Vonage and ValidSoft means Vonage’s leading-edge contact center offering is tightly integrated with the world’s most accurate voice biometric solution,” said Patrick Carroll, Chairman and CEO of ValidSoft. “As the challenges in operational cost, security and customer experience associated with Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA) drive the growth of voice biometric authentication in the contact center, Vonage clients, regardless of size, have access to the most secure, cost-effective and user-friendly authentication solutions for their customers.”

The More You Know

KMS Lighthouse is a global leader in knowledge management, partnering with Vonage to enhance every business connection by empowering employees, agents and customers with real-time access to accurate and consistent data that improves overall experiences. 

“The partnership with Vonage is very strategic to KMS Lighthouse to enhance customer and employee experience with knowledge,” said Sagi Eliyahu, CEO KMS Lighthouse. “The integration of solutions to reduce handling and hold times provides the right knowledge required to successfully resolve interactions quickly. KMS Lighthouse’s platform coupled with Vonage’s technology provides a powerful tool to transform communications with the power of contextual knowledge.”

With KMS Lighthouse's powerful patented search functionality, VCC customers can dramatically improve engagements across all service and sales channels, boosting productivity and efficiency through digitized knowledge that’s easy to update, collaborate, share, or provide feedback on - all in real-time. And with the ability to easily integrate into business applications, CRM, ticketing systems and chatbots, customers can leverage their existing business applications to create a seamless experience for agents without the need to toggle between applications and screens.

See how Vonage Contact Center is enhancing the agent and customer experience.

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