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Vonage Contact Center: Language Support for Service Cloud Voice

This article was updated on August 6, 2021

When you focus on service for a worldwide audience, it helps to have contact center agents around the globe. So it’s no surprise that organizations have long turned to the Vonage Contact Center (formerly NewVoiceMedia) to help support agents and customers in multiple countries. And as we continue to meet these global demands, our role as a key partner for Salesforce Service Cloud Voice—with the ability to engage customers in multiple languages—becomes even more important.

image that depicts the Vonage Contact Center and its language support for Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Voice goes digital

As a business, you value any customer interaction—and advantage—and you seek the Vonage and Salesforce solution to help. But gathering insights from those interactions is often not that simple. With Service Cloud Voice, Salesforce recognizes that digitizing a voice conversation makes it a valuable addition to other digital interactions—like chat, SMS, social channels, and more—that are stored and analyzed in the CRM. It’s now possible to gain business insights from every customer interaction, all in one place.

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Contact Center and CRM to the Cloud: The Migration Imperative
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Automation and transcription

Once voice files are stored digitally, they can be analyzed with all sorts of tools, such as the Vonage speech analytics solution, Conversation Analyzer, which also supports multiple languages.

But that’s only part of the benefits. To help boost agent efficiency, Salesforce provides contact center automation through Service Cloud Voice—starting with Next Best Action. As the name implies, it helps agents decide on the most suitable next best action to solve a customer issue. This might be a conversation between agent and customer, a live chat, or even a chatbot or voicebot. Once the voice conversation is digitized, it doesn’t really matter—the technology can handle all scenarios.

Vonage has chosen to partner with Google for its voice transcription services. There are many reasons for this, including Google’s technological lead in this space and the high quality of its transcriptions. Pair this with Vonage’s ability to provide excellent voice quality anywhere in the world, and the combination results in some of the fastest and best-quality transcriptions available.

Language support

Google supports 120 languages with its transcription, compared to Salesforce claiming support for 15 languages through its “Einstein Intent” service that’s used to power Next Best Action in Service Cloud Voice.

So how can Vonage support Google’s 120 transcription languages?

The answer is surprisingly simple. Next Best Action can be launched from record field values, telephony events, or transcription message keywords. For these cases, there are no language limitations. Let’s take an example where a customer inquires about a “loan.” As long as “loan” is stored in the lookup table in all languages that customers are likely to use, Next Best Action will then recognize this and present the agent with the most suitable action to provide to the customer, in the chosen language.

Customer support anywhere in the world

So there you have it. As long as you prepare your Service Cloud Voice solution for the languages that you’re likely to encounter, the Vonage solution can help your customers anywhere in the world (and your agents will thank you from anywhere in the world).

Vonage Contact Center language support for Service Cloud Voice could help your business win. Learn how to bring even more automation, intelligence, and global calling capability to Service Cloud Voice with Vonage Contact Center.

Tim Kimber
Tim Kimber

Director of Product Marketing at Vonage

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