Latest G2 Reports Rank Vonage a Leader in Three Product Categories

Vonage was recognized as a leader in the VoIP, UCaaS, and Cloud Communication Platform/CPaaS categories of the G2 Summer 2020 Grid Reports, the only provider to offer solutions in all three categories.

An image with the text "Vonage is a G2 Leader in three product categories" in the upper left. Along the bottom are a desk-phone graphic with the word "VoIP" under it, a phone, cell phone, and computer monitor graphic with the word "UCaaS" under it,  and a gear graphic with the word "CPaaS" under it. In the upper right corner, a G2 badge with the text "Summer 2020 Leader" written on it.

Any discussion about business communications can quickly turn into an exchange of acronyms and technical jargon. And that makes sense: VoIP is simpler than voice over IP, saying CPaaS instead of communications platform as a service will save a few seconds, and UCaaS rolls off the tongue much more smoothly than "unified communications platform as a service."

At Vonage, we’re not focused on the industry terms that separate one communications product category from another.  We have built a flexible cloud communications platform that brings together unified communications, contact centers, and communications APIs, offering businesses whatever solution they need to stay ahead.

That is why we are particularly proud to be recognized as a leader in the VoIP, UCaaS, and Cloud Communication Platform/CPaaS categories of the G2 Summer 2020 Grid Reports. G2 (not an acronym) is the leading B2B software rating service, and its quarterly Grid Reports present aggregate vendor ratings based on customer satisfaction and market presence.

Among VoIP and UCaaS providers, Vonage scored particularly well—rating 90% or higher—in the customer satisfaction categories of meeting requirements, ease of doing business, and ease of use. These ratings placed us in the #1 position in the VoIP category for the third quarter in a row. In fact, our users have kept us at Leader status for the past six consecutive quarters. In addition to being recognized as a small-business and mid-market leader, Vonage Business Communications is also a Momentum Leader, ranking #1 on the Summer 2020 Momentum Grid Report.

G2 Grid chart of VoIP/UCaaS providers
G2 VoiP Providers Grid, Summer 2020

In a G2 review, Vonage customer Tom L. wrote: “Vonage Business allows our team to work remotely with dedicated phone and text service. We are able to contact customers and others, while staying connected with each other. And it works anywhere we have internet service or cell phone connection.”

Cloud communication platform/CPaaS customers rated Vonage just as highly in ease of setup (93%), use (90%), and administration (90%), which also resulted in a leader placement. In addition to being recognized as a leader in the mid-market and small business segments, Vonage Communications APIs were recognized as a Momentum Leader, earned the highest implementation rating in its category for mid-market, and was named one of the top 100 fastest growing products for 2020.

G2 Grid chart of CPaaS providers
G2 Cloud Comms Platforms Grid - Summer 2020

“The API documentation provided is excellent ... the Dashboard has all the necessary functionality. The customer support is brilliant, quick, and will keep you updated all the time,” wrote CTO Mosu B. in a review of the Vonage CPaaS product.

One Communications Provider Transcending Categories

If you have a keen eye for logos, you’ll notice that ours is the only one in both grids. That’s because no other leading provider offers solutions in both the VoIP/UCaaS and Cloud Communication Platform/CPaaS categories. Along with our contact center products, Vonage is unique in the breadth of communications solutions we can offer. Customers can choose from unified communications applications, contact center applications, communications APIs, or—as is increasingly the case—some combination thereof. Deploying an application and then enhancing it with custom software and integrations built on our APIs is a best-of-both-worlds option.

Also, notice that neither Tom nor Mosu used any techie jargon or industry acronyms in their reviews. Instead, they articulated the tangible value that Vonage delivered to their respective businesses—nary a mention of VoIP or CPaaS. That view reflects our approach to communications: we empower businesses around the world with whatever communications capabilities they need to most effectively connect with people and make employees productive. No categorizations needed. 

We’re very gratified to know that our customers have validated that approach with G2’s recognition as a Summer 2020 Leader.

Glen Kunene
Glen Kunene Senior Director, Content Marketing

Glen Kunene is Senior Director, Content Marketing at Vonage. A seasoned content creator and strategist, Glen works with a team of talented storytellers to educate business leaders and developers about how their communications can be more flexible, intelligent, and personal.

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