NewVoiceMedia Winter ’20 Release brings some warmth

by Tim Kimber, Product Marketing Director

NewVoiceMedia’s cloud contact center software is continuously being improved and Winter ’20 Release is no exception. Enhancements are coming to Enterprise Readiness, Analytics and Emotive Customer Experiences, and introducing early access to new capabilities under our Feature Pilot Program.

Enterprise Readiness

Since NewVoiceMedia is all about voice in the contact center, we put a big focus on call controls. As a result, we’ve improved the way agents handle priority calls, allowing them to put the current call on hold and seamlessly alternate between the two as needed. Similarly, agents will be able to temporarily claim any interaction in the queue within ContactPad, designating it as their next interaction. The administrator will also now be able to add context to notifications and call data within ContactPad, sourced from any interaction data including that within the CRM. To help agents handle multiple interactions across a range of channels, ContactPad now facilitates multiple simultaneous interactions and shows the agent state for each.

Single Sign-On (SSO) is extended from the existing support for Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and Vonage Business Cloud, to include the Open ID standard. Skype for Business presence integration now fully synchronizes agent status changes with NewVoiceMedia. The Queued Callback functionality available in Interaction Architect now provides configurable Calling Line Identification (CLID), so that the administrator can configure the number being displayed to the customer being called back.

Analytics and Emotive

The transcription engine has been improved for NewVoiceMedia’s speech analytics solution, Conversation Analyzer. Global English is now available across all regions, improving the transcription quality when speaking to non-Native English speakers in an English-speaking contact center.

Feature Pilot Program

Going into pilot for this release is IVR Payments, extending our PCI Pal Agent Assist Secure Payments to enable payments to be taken through an IVR. Also, a new ContactPad browser extension that automatically changes the ContactPad state when screen locks.

Note that rollout of Winter ‘20 Release will be during the week of November 4, 2019.

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