Nexmo and Freshworks Partner to Deliver Multi-channel for the Masses

The customer is always right. That's been a business truism for years. But in recent years, the expansion of communications channels for customers has put some businesses in a position where they can't honor that time-honored maxim. If the customer thinks a particular channel is the right one for the communication of the moment, what happens when your company isn't on that channel?


For example, a customer might have a support question while out and about, and an SMS message is their preferred channel. Perhaps they feel it might be easier to get help if they attached a photo. Can your company handle it?

This multi-channel challenge can be a tough one for businesses without unlimited resources to devote to the issue. Do you bite the bullet and accept the hit to your budget, or do you force your customers into channels that aren't to their liking?

With our latest partnership, you don't need to choose either of those options. Nexmo has partnered with Freshworks to deliver a solution that allows you to add SMS messages – plus messages sent via MMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger—to your communications mix easily and affordably.

Nexmo Messaging for Freshworks (available at the Freshworks marketplace) is powered by the Nexmo Messaging API, and it provides the only two-way messaging connector to Freshdesk, Freshworks' helpdesk software. The connector is open source. It can be supported by the system integrator of your choice and can be easily branded or modified to suit your needs.

Here's what a typical flow might look like:

1. The customer opens a ticket to a brand using their preferred channel.

2. The agent receives notification of the ticket, and an automatic message is sent to the customer.

3. The agent updates the ticket, and the update is sent to the customer via the same channel.

4. The conversation continues until the ticket is closed.

Simple, easy, and multi-channel. Best of all, the connector is being offered for free. Your business has no good excuse now for shying away from the multi-channel future your customers are clamoring for!

Nexmo Messaging for Freshworks is available now. If you want a sneak peek of the connector in action, see a live demo in the Vonage booth (#223) or the Freshworks booth (#910) at the CCW event in Las Vegas June 24-28. Or schedule a Customer Journey Assessment Workshop!

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