Nexmo, Sendinblue, and Email's Bold New Power

Email may no longer be the newest thing in the digital communications world—but it's drop-dead critical to the way we work and live. For example: email is a pillar of digital marketing and easily the most important direct marketing channel, and for good reason. The ROI of email marketing is estimated by marketing firm Litmus at a staggering 3800%.


The use of email continues to grow, even as new channels evolve alongside it. According to market research firm Statista, this year will see the world's online users send an average of 281.1 billion emails per day. By 2023, that number is predicted to grow to 347.3 billion in 2023. For a mature technology, that's pretty respectable growth.

Email remains a key channel for doing business and interacting with business, in part because it provides an easily accessed trail of conversations (easier than, say, social media). That makes it a useful partner to other forms of communications that have reached maturity in the last decade. Social media, instant messaging, and other channels that experts predicted would lead to email's extinction are instead allowing users to pick the right medium for each message. Email still has an important place, but so do SMS messages for example, and the choice of which to use falls to the user.

That's why Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, has partnered with Sendinblue, a leading provider of cloud-based email marketing and automation technology. The partnership will allow Nexmo to provide customers with an email channel powered by Sendinblue, and in addition, SendInBlue will use Nexmo as its sole SMS provider. The final result: businesses will gain the ability to communicate with customers through the channels of the customers' choice: email, SMS, OTT, chat, video, voice, and more.

It will also provide a scalable and programmable way for businesses to manage and optimize communications with customers. For example, it will provide a window into customer engagement and enable businesses to improve engagement by using segmentation analytics. At the same, it will enable businesses to build on their email marketing campaigns with more urgent messages for time-sensitive offers.

Customers are demanding email as one of their messaging channels, and it's not surprising—especially for enterprises, the format works well for conveying larger concepts. Messaging has its role, too—for notifications and transactional confirmation, for example. The partnership allows users to use the right tools for the job at hand.

The solution is now available—learn more about how it can boost your business's communication capabilities by visiting

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