Optimize Your PBX Infrastructure with Programmable SIP

Programmable SIP is a feature-rich and elastic SIP trunking model that provides a quick, easy, and convenient way for you to provide a truly unique voice experience for your customers.

You can maintain quality and context across all voice channels with Programmable SIP in Developer Preview and its “Bring Your Own Network” option. Whether it’s PSTN or WebRTC, you can integrate our elastic and programmable Voice API into your existing SIP infrastructure to enhance the voice experience. This new cross-channel communication feature is made possible by our Conversation API.

Similarly users can opt to “Bring Your Own Carrier.” This means you won’t need to port existing phone numbers or purchase new ones. If you have your own numbers, you can keep them without any complications or disruptions.

Provision your SIP domains with ease. Extend SIP trunking elasticity. Meanwhile, you may also benefit from the powerful enhancements of our voice features, for example the programmability of VAPI, TTS, Websockets, and call recording, among many others.

Programmable SIP keeps you in control, enabling you to whitelist those respective (provisioned existing) domains to connect directly with Nexmo’s SIP layer.

Earlier this year we released SIP Connect, which provides you with an easier way to get more out of your SIP experience through a simple connection to a Nexmo voice application. And now, with the release of Programmable SIP in Developer Preview, you can enjoy the same benefits direct to your SIP connection.

With just a few lines of code, you can integrate powerful voice features into your communication strategy—without having to forgo any investment that you may have with your current PBX infrastructure. Other available features also include Multitrack Recording up to 32 channels; websocket connectivity for AI integrations; and Text-to-Speech in 40 languages including Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic and more.

Are You Ready for Programmable SIP?

Programmable SIP just released into Developer Preview. We would love to start working with you to get the most out of your SIP deployment.

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